Communication Issues in Policing

   Create a 15 to-20 accelerate PowerPoint  presentation based on this week's Badge Legitimacy and Procedural Justice podcast, and the readings in Chapter 8.  Answer the afterward questions: How accept badge announced with the accessible in the      past and how it has afflicted the public's acumen of accessible      safety? How can badge bigger acquaint with the accessible to      better affect the public's acumen of accessible safety? What are some means managers in LE acquaint with      their workers? What are the three accurate purposes of      communication in the LE organization? How can managers bigger acquaint with their      subordinates in the LE organization? How do agencies acquaint LE advice to anniversary      other? What are the communications challenges adverse bent      justice agencies? What are some means agencies can bigger allotment      information so that advice barriers?  Discuss the case abstraction in Chapter 8 (Regarding Brady      Johnson), and accommodate means that could anticipate article like that from      happening again. 

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