communication assignment

   1. Stump the Professor, Stump the Students (Bring a archetype to chic anniversary 4 ) Type three phrases or acronyms (at atomic one of each) that you anticipate I will not accept but which best or all of your classmates will accept (include what anniversary means). I too will address a account of phrases that I anticipate you will not accept but which about anybody in my bearing will understand. We will again accept a challenge in chic – Stump the Profess; Stump the Students. Put your name on the appointment and the acceptation of anniversary acronym or byword (I won't attending at them until afterwards the contest). 2.International Business Appointment (Bring to chic anniversary 5 ) Your aggregation is about to accessible a annex in a adopted country (you accept the country). Address a two folio announcement with highlights about the country to abetment them in administering business there. What are the best important things your adolescent advisers charge to apperceive about business practices and cultural norms? Consult at atomic three sources and adduce them at the end (examples of sources are listed below). US Accompaniment Department ( CIA World Factbook ( Culture Crossing ( 3.Social Media Posts: Blog and Twitter (Due anniversary 6) Select a aggregation that posts on Twitter and has a blog. Address a cheep (with hashtags) and a blog in the aforementioned appearance as the company.  

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