Communicable Disease

In a accounting cardboard of 1,200-1,500 words, administer the concepts of epidemiology and nursing assay to a catching disease.

Communicable Ache Selection

Choose one catching ache from the afterward list:





Hepatitis B


Epidemiology Cardboard Requirements

Include the afterward in your assignment:

Description of the catching ache (causes, symptoms, approach of transmission, complications, treatment) and the demographic of absorption (mortality, morbidity, incidence, and prevalence).

Describe the determinants of bloom and explain how those factors accord to the development of this disease.

Discuss the epidemiologic triangle as it relates to the catching ache you accept selected. Include the host factors, abettor factors (presence or absence), and ecology factors. (The arbiter describes anniversary aspect of the epidemiologic triangle).

Explain the role of the association bloom assistant (case finding, reporting, abstracts collecting, abstracts analysis, and follow-up).

Identify at atomic one civic bureau or alignment that addresses the catching ache called and call how the organization(s) contributes to absolute or abbreviation the appulse of disease.

A minimum of three references is required.

Refer to “Communicable Ache Chain” and "Chain of Infection" for abetment commutual this assignment.


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