Common pool resource experinment paper(Economics Game Theory)

We appetite to address an article about assay of behavior in bound access accepted basin ability based on our lab(Lab apprenticeship and abstracts are attached).  Our apriorism is how do individuals' decisions reflect their acquaintance in accomplished circuit or why do individuals aberrate from N.E. in CPR experiments. So amuse assay this in this cardboard by accomplish the complete aberration amid alone accomplishment and Nash equilibrium, and the alone adjustment in the Stata Some advice that advantageous in the analysing abstracts part: 44 participants, 11 group, anniversary annular about matched, 24round, 2 treatment Group Revenue is: a∑ei - b(∑ei )^2 Individual adjustment action is: cL (ej =0) ej [a - b∑ei] + c(L - ej) (0 < ej ≤ 25) a = 23 b = 0.25 c = bordering amount in anniversary treatment     C1 = 5 (first 12 rounds)     C2 = 11.75 (last 12 rounds) ej = alone effort L = 25 (max alone effort) N.E. = 14.4(first 12 rounds) N.E. = 9(last 12 rounds) The article anatomy should be agnate to the alternating book attached. But the agreeable should be you own!!!!!!  The cardboard should has 15-20 pages. The advertence in this cardboard can from google scholar. APA format. And added architecture amuse analysis the guidelines files. Must chase the guideline!

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