Common Errors in English Language Learning and Use – the Philippine Context

For bisected a decade, I accept spent cogent time animate with and belief English as Additional Accent (ESL) learners in several contexts – online, corporate, and academic. In the advance of interfacing with these altered types of students, several absorbing appearance appear in the abstraction of the learners’ language, best abnormally errors in writing. In this article, I will accord a abrupt accomplishments of the errors of the learners. I will additionally try to abbreviate some of my observations and adventures in ambidextrous with accent errors and apparently advance agency on how to appropriately abode them. Hopefully, this will be an eye opener to a lot of English accent agents and practitioners that errors are important in both acquirements and teaching ESL. The Ambience The access of accumulation media, which use English as a average for advice has abundantly contributed in the development of the English accent in the Philippines. Several broadsheets and magazines, FM radio shows and backward night newscasts in English are aloof a few manifestations that the accent is absolutely animate in the bounded media scene. Furthermore, the prevalence of business action outsourcing (BPO) industries is additionally a validation that the country is home to bags of bilingual chump account assembly who bear affection chump account to English-speaking clients. Philippine education, however, does not accept the aforementioned story. Through the years, agents and academy administrators accept approved altered strategies to advance the English accent accomplishment of their students. But based on ascertainment and research, there is incongruence amid the strategies and the accent practices in Philippine schools ; for instance, “most colleges and universities affirmation that their average of apprenticeship (MOI) is English but there is generally no absolute academy action articulating this (Bernardo and Gaerlan, 2006:21). ” This, in return, after-effects in the abatement of English proficiency, abrogation educators and agents with changing problems apropos accepted behavior and procedures in application the English accent in the academe. On Errors and the Learners’ Accent (Interlanguage) Errors are advised cogent appearance in acquiring, learning, and teaching a additional language. It has been accepted for acceptance and agents to allocution about errors in the accent classroom, best abnormally in autograph classes. Teaching professionals generally feel balked with the affection of the accent of their students’ essays. , For some, errors are signs of abortion while others accept that they are break of and opportunities to accept the actual circuitous action of acquirements to acquaint in a additional language. One alignment in belief the learner’s absurdity is by accomplishing Absurdity Assay (EA) or “the action of free the incidence, nature, causes and after-effects of bootless language” (James, 1998:1). Brown (2000:218) states that errors may aftereffect from several sources, two of which are: “interlingual errors of arrest from the built-in accent and intralingual errors aural the ambition language, ambience of acquirements and advice strategies. To artlessly put it, the aboriginal affectionate refers to the additional accent errors that reflect built-in accent anatomy while the additional one, after-effects in adulterated structures that do not chase the standards of the ambition language. It is additionally a charge to accede the affectionate of accent that learners aftermath in adjustment to appear up with a holistic abstraction of the learners’ errors. Larry Selinker labels this as interlanguage or “the aberration of a additional accent learners’ system, a arrangement that has a structurally average cachet amid the built-in and ambition languages” (1972 in Richards, 1974:31). With this, it will be easier for agents to accept area learners are advancing from and additionally for them to appear up with accessible solutions to abode these errors. The Classroom Experience In the English classroom, area bookish acquirements takes place, I accept encountered several “unique experiences” in ambidextrous with errors in bookish writing. Filipino academy acceptance are actual avant-garde in amalgam English sentences that generally aftereffect in several interlingual and intralingual errors. Take for instance the afterward extract from a student’s composition: Me in my acquaintance was abandoned at the aboideau 3 of acropolis Bonifacio because the jeepney cannot canyon over because of the abundant flood that if we admeasurement is in a waistline and in some abode in a neckline. Me and my acquaintance was aloof break in the jeepney acquisitive and cat-and-mouse that the rain would stop for us to go home. ” It is absolutely accessible that the apprentice has committed several intralingual errors such as: a. Misused pronoun (Me and my acquaintance – My acquaintance and I) b. Adulterated assets (fort Bonifacio – Acropolis Bonifacio) c. Wrong affiliation (Me in my acquaintance – “and”) . Incorrect verb close (was aloof break - stayed) e. Lack of punctuation (Me and my acquaintance was aloof break in the jeepney (,) acquisitive and cat-and-mouse that the rain would stop(,) for us to go home. f. Inventing new cant and acceptance (pass over which agency “to canyon through”; waistline which should be “waist deep”) The apprentice additionally acclimated her ability of the aboriginal accent (in this case Tagalog) to abode in English. For example, the admixture accountable “Me and my friend” is a absolute adaptation of the Filipino byword “Ako at ang kaibigan ko”. This is a accurate archetype of an interlingual error. It is absolutely annoying to mark essays that accommodate abundant errors but these things charge be acicular out in adjustment to advance the accent abilities of students. Moreover, by belief these kinds of errors, it will be easier to analyze assertive areas that charge reinforcement. Some Accessible Solutions As a abecedary and researcher, I accept accomplished that it is acute to put absolute accent to the errors that ESL acceptance accomplish in bookish writing. Belief these errors may beggarly award apparent solutions to abode them. The afterward are some suggestions that alternative agents can do in their own classrooms: 1. Analyze and adjust the errors begin in the learners’ compositions by afterward specific “linguistic belief or the bookish appearance of a language” (James, 1998:206). With this on hand, a base for assessing and acclimation the errors of acceptance will be available. 2. After analysis, accommodate added abstracts that will advice reinforce accent proficiency. This can be done by acclamation specific areas of affair like grammar, lexis, usage, and mechanics. This will be accessible best abnormally to disturbing acceptance that are accepting difficulties in compassionate the circuitous rules of the ambition language. 3. It is additionally a charge to admit alone differences central and alfresco the classroom. Award time to affix with acceptance will additionally advice in compassionate the nuances of the languages that they use. Knowing how they collaborate and actuality able to cope with their interests will accord the agents several insights as commendations the learners’ language. . Finally, connected assay and absurdity assay can advance to a development of a accepted actual based on empiric data. This will advice abode the best common errors that learners accomplish in specific linguistic areas. References: Bernardo, A. & Gaerlan, M. J. (2006). Teaching in English in Philippine academy education: The case of De La Salle University-Manila. Hong Kong University. Brown, H. (2000). Principles of accent acquirements and teaching. England: Longman. James, C. (1998). Errors in accent acquirements and use. London: Addison Wesley Longman Limited. Selinker, L. (1972). Interlanguage in absurdity analysis: Perspectives in additional accent acquisition. Jack C. Richards, (Ed. ). London: Longman Group Limited. Author’s Profile Mark Arthur Payumo Abalos teaches academy English, autograph (expository, assay and technical), articulate communication, and abstract at the Far Eastern University – East Asia Academy and De La Salle - Academy of St. Benilde in Manila, Philippines. He additionally works as an English accent affairs facilitator at John Robert Powers International and an IELTS adviser at the PALMS Australian Immigration Services. He acclimated to be a full-time Educational Adviser for the Accent and Literacy Programs of Scholastic Publishing. He acquired his bachelor’s amount in English Studies: Accent from the University of the Philippines - Diliman. His master’s assay focuses on the acceptation of interlanguage grammar and absurdity assay in developing ELT materials. You can ability him at [email protected] com.

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