I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 100-120  WORDS Compare and adverse two change theories, and actuate which approach makes the best faculty for implementing your specific EBP project. Why? Has your coach acclimated either theory, and to what result?   The aboriginal change approach is Lewin's Change Theory. This approach is actual broadly acclimated in nursing. This approach has three stages the unfreezing stage, affective stage, and refreezing stage. The approach has active and aggressive armament and for the approach to be acknowledged the active armament accept to affected the aggressive forces. The alternative change approach is Rogers' Change Theory. This approach has 5 stages and they are awareness, interest, evaluation, accomplishing and adoption.(Oguejiofo,2017) It is acknowledged back nurses who abandoned the proposed change beforehand accept it because of what they apprehend from nurses who adopted it initially. Both of these theory’s are broadly acclimated in nursing and both crave nurses that appetite the change or who are accommodating to accomplish the change. My coach has acclimated the Lewin’s change approach recently. The hospital already has alternate rounding but she aloof alien new paperwork that has to be active every hour. The unfreezing aeon she aloof explained how the new way will be bigger and she showed the nurses how it will be easier because the techs can additionally assurance the sheet. The affective date she let the nurses acquaint her how they feel about the accomplished bearings and absolution them accurate what they anticipate will work. The final date is refreezing and during this date she went about for the aboriginal anniversary authoritative abiding the nurses get this in their circadian habit. I accept this approach makes added faculty to my EBP because there are a lot of nurses that will be the active force to accomplish this appear and beneath bodies actuality the aggressive force. So, it will be added acceptable to succeed. References:   Oguejiofo,N. September 26, 2017. Change Theories in Nursing.

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