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Using the accommodating advice provided, accede to the afterward questions: (a) What cultural considerations are important for you to bethink while you account Ms. Li? (b) What is the corruption appraisal screen? (c) If corruption is discovered, what should you do?

Patient Information:

Patient: Sue Li

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Asian American

A.         Nurses charge attending at the big account back abutting situations, abnormally those of cultural differences.  What we do or don’t do during an appraisal of a actuality of a altered ability may accomplish or breach the encounter.  In the book given, the accommodating is a 20-year-old Asian American changeable by the name of Sue Li.

             When assessing Ms. Li, I would use the adapted tittle for her name unless told contrarily by the patient.  I would again appraise the bearings of Ms. Li’s cultural accomplishments and what she is currently practicing.  It may be that Ms. Li has absolutely alloyed to an American culture, or Ms. Li may charge an interpreter, but I won’t apperceive until I ask.  I would again put Ms. Li at affluence by answer that we will booty a holistic appearance at her accepted bloom cachet and that if there is annihilation adapted she would like me to apperceive afore the appraisal (Chung, Nguyen, & Gany, 2002). 

            During the assessment, I would let Ms. Li ascendancy the bulk of eye acquaintance that goes on because absolute eye acquaintance may be taken as a assurance of disrespect.  I would accept and accede Ms. Li’s animosity and apprehensions.  Back speaking with Ms. Li I would use clear, concise, apparent accent to assure that she understands absolutely what is actuality discussed (Chung, et al., 2002).  The assistant will additionally charge to apperceive the admeasurement of acceptable anesthetic Ms. Li has acclimated and if she is demography any alleviative remedies that may account complications with any medications prescribed. 

B.         The Corruption Appraisal Awning (AAS) is an appraisal apparatus advised to awning for calm abandon and corruption during abundance by allurement 3 to 5 questions about accepted emotional, sexual, and concrete corruption afore and during abundance (WHEC, 2016).  The AAS additionally assesses the abundance and severity of the corruption if present.  This appraisal is performed back the accommodating is abandoned with the bloom affliction worker.

C.         If during the appraisal there is corruption that is doubtable or disclosed, the assistant charge booty a affable access in an open, nonjudgmental way.  The assistant charge be a acceptable adviser and validate the patient’s accommodation to allege up about the abuse.  The assistant charge acquaint that this blazon of behavior is unacceptable and she does not deserve to be advised like that (Power, 2016).  The assistant charge assure that the accommodating is anon in a safe bearings abnormally if the abuser is nearby.  The adapted authorities charge be notified so that an analysis can booty place.  In assertive situations, such as a animal advance or rape, there may be the charge to alarm in a adapted aggregation to booty over the analysis (Power, 2016).  The bearings again charge be accurate anon so that there are not any important facts accidently larboard out or forgotten.


Chung, H., Nguyen, D., & Gany, F. (2002). Initial behavioral bloom appraisal of Asian Americans. Part 1. Keyprinciples. Western Journal of Medicine, 176(4), 233–236.

Power, C. (2016, September 23). Calm Violence: What Can Nurses Do? Retrieved January 21, 2017, from

Women's Bloom and Education Center (WHEC). (2016) - Abandon Against Women - Calm Abandon During Pregnancy. Retrieved January 21, 2017, from

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