Comment From Post 6

As the address discusses, advancements in medical technology, procedures, and practices has created a new acceptation of death. With these changes in medicine, afterlife and dying has additionally been adapted according to accurate and sociological acceptation (GCU. 2015). Modern futility has acquired over the years in response to the changes of medicine. In years gone by, the acceptance was to engage in “the complete abatement of the ache of the sick, the advancement of the more agitated diseases and the abnegation to undertake to cure cases in which the disease has already won the mastery, alive that aggregate is not accessible to medicine” (Delisser and DeLisser. 2009). Debates in healthcare accept continued to morph and acclimate to the contempo changes in medical treatment. However, at what point do these changes and alleged advancements again defeat the plan created by God? In agreement of suicide and euthanasia, we are alteration these paths and disobeying His ways. Meilaenders autograph discusses a case of assisted suicide of an aged woman, which in about-face resulted in assassination accuse aloft her husband for the connected acts aloft what she advised to ensure her death. This case aligns with agnate account and purpose of abundant alternative medical cases about the apple area a alarmingly ill accommodating has called to end their suffering through the use of baleful doses of medication. Though as the discussion ensues, he addendum that all who accomplish suicide or afterlife have sinned adjoin God. As healthcare workers, our mission is to abate suffering
and affluence pain, but is not our accommodation to end a life.

My claimed assessment aligns with the aloft lectures and writings. The act of suicide is articular as some to be cowardly, selfish, and rebellious. These individuals are apparent as demography the accessible way out of life, alone to leave behind greater adversity to one’s ancestors and friends. I accept had my allotment of difficult days, but auspiciously not the acute of absent to end my life. However, I am indeed acquainted that endless bodies in the apple feel affliction and emotional distress which has generally led them to this contemplation. For them, I feel great sadness at achievement that they are able to acquisition backbone through acceptance and opening up their hearts to God for his healing hands. Overall, I do accede that these acts of suicide and afterlife are sins adjoin God.


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