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Quantitative and qualitative analysis methods are both acclimated in nursing research. Both methodologies accompaniment anniversary alternative because they are based on altered ideologies that are advantageous in nursing practice.

Quantitative analysis is a formal, objective, rigorous, analytical action for breeding after advice about the world. Quantitative analysis is conducted to call new situations, events, or concepts; appraise relationships amid variables; and actuate the capability of treatments or interventions on called bloom outcomes in the world. (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015).


  • allow for a broader study, involving a greater cardinal of subjects, and acceptable the generalisation of the results
  • can acquiesce for greater objectivity and accurateness of results. Generally, quantitative methods are advised to accommodate summaries of abstracts that abutment generalisations about the abnormality beneath study. In adjustment to achieve this, quantitative analysis usually involves few variables and abounding cases, and employs assigned procedures to ensure authority and reliability
  • using standards agency that the analysis can be replicated, and again analyzed and compared with agnate studies. Quantitative methods acquiesce us to abridge all-inclusive sources of advice and facilitate comparisons beyond categories and over time
  • personal bent can be abhorred by advisers befitting a 'distance' from accommodating capacity and employing capacity alien to them


  • collect a abundant narrower and sometimes apparent dataset after-effects are bound as they accommodate after descriptions rather than abundant anecdotal and about accommodate beneath busy accounts of animal perception
  • the analysis is about agitated out in an unnatural, bogus ambiance so that a akin of ascendancy can be activated to the exercise. This akin of ascendancy ability not commonly be in abode in the absolute apple acquiescent class after-effects as against to absolute apple results
  • in accession preset answers will not necessarily reflect how bodies absolutely feel about a accountable and in some cases ability aloof be the abutting match.
  • the development of accepted questions by advisers can advance to 'structural' bent and apocryphal representation, area the abstracts absolutely reflects the appearance of them instead of the accommodating subject.

Example is a quantitative appraisal of accommodating and assistant outcomes of bedside nursing address accomplishing (Sand-Jecklin, & Sherman, 2014)

Qualitative analysis is a systematic, abstract access acclimated to call activity adventures and

Situations and accord them meaning, this analysis alignment acquired from the behavioral and amusing sciences as a adjustment of compassionate the unique, dynamic, holistic attributes of bodies (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015).


  • Provides abyss and detail: looks added than allegory ranks and counts by recording attitudes, animosity and behaviors
  • Creates openness:encouraging bodies to aggrandize on their responses can accessible up new affair areas not initially considered
  • Simulates people's alone experiences:a abundant account can be congenital up about why bodies act in assertive means and their animosity about these actions
  • Attempts to abstain pre-judgements:if acclimated alongside quantitative abstracts collection, it can explain why a accurate acknowledgment was given


  • Usually beneath bodies studiedcollection of qualitative abstracts is about added time arresting that quantitative abstracts accumulating and accordingly unless time, agents and account allows it is about all-important to accommodate a abate sample size.
  • Less accessible to generalize:because beneath bodies are about advised it is not accessible to generalize after-effects to that of the population. Usually exact numbers are appear rather than percentages.
  • Difficult to accomplish analytical comparisonsfor example, if bodies accord broadly differing responses that are awful subjective.
  • Dependent on abilities of the researcher:particularly in the case of administering interviews, focus groups and observation.

Example is a qualitative abstraction of nursing apprentice adventures of analytic practice(Sharif & Masoumi 2005)


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