Current statistics appearance that at present, there are 1,048 Associate Amount Nursing (ADN) colleges and 696 Baccalaureate Amount Nursing (BSN) institutions in the United States (Cherry & Jacob, 2017). Recent studies appearance that a alternation exists amid accommodating assurance outcomes and whether a assistant has an ADN or BSN. Linda Aiken, PhD, RN, who is associated with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWFJ), believes that hospitals who apply added BSN-prepared nurses accept bigger accommodating outcomes and lower bloodshed ante (RWJF, 2014).

          In 2003, Aikens appear on studies done in Pennsylvania hospitals assuming a 5% abatement in accommodating deaths at hospitals that staffed a 10% access in BSN-prepared nurses (RWJF, 2014). Challengers of Aikens agenda that these studies accession added questions (Sentinel Watch, 2014). For example, what were the absolute causes of afterlife of these patients, and were they accompanying to the activity of an ADN nurse? Could there be alternative factors or causal relationships that afflicted accommodating affliction in these circumstances?

          In aegis of Aikens, the Bouncer (2014) states that no one is calling ADN nurses “bad nurses”. In fact, errors, infections, and adverse contest are generally due to action and arrangement problems. Aikens maintains that by announcement evidence-based convenance and leadership, the BSN class will bigger adapt nurses to actual problems and apparatus solutions.

          I accede that it is advantageous for nurses to aggrandize their ability by accepting a BSN degree, but I do not feel that deaths and adverse outcomes are the aftereffect if ADNs care, or abridgement of. Many alternative factors charge to be considered. For example, poor staffing, continued shifts, poor communication, fatigue, affidavit errors, etc. affect anybody no amount what blazon of amount they hold. I accept been at the hospital area I am currently active for about 20 years and accept apparent no affirmation that the affliction accustomed by ADNs is abominable to the affliction accustomed by BSN-prepared nurses.


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