It’s been 17 years back Haiti was hit with a 7.0 consequence earthquake. This convulsion took the life’s of added than 220,000 bodies and afflicted about 330,000 others. Abounding individuals absent their life, admired ones, limbs, job, home, and tranquility. Haiti actuality one of the atomic and abortive countries agreeable its occupants to a abundant risk. Abounding individuals accept that the abounding adverse furnishings could accept been lessened or prevented.

To alpha off, primary blockage measures should accept been taken. This abide of convulsion acquaintance and preparedness. According to Jones, (2010) Haiti did not accept a seismologist. A seismologist is one that studies the seismic waves, activity after-effects acquired by rocks aback breaking afar aural the apple or the bottomward of tectonic plates. Seismologist use graphs and computers accessories to aggregate and assay abstracts on seismic events. They adumbrate earthquakes and tsunamis. It was afterwards the convulsion that they congenital the use of seismologists, improvements of seismic hazard maps were done, and convulsion acquaintance attack took place.

Secondary blockage could abide of emergency accessories on hand. Emergency accessories can be the use of bottled water, antibiotics, aboriginal aid equipment, and tetanus immunizations. This could advice anticipate the beginning of cholera and tetanus. Due to the ample bulk of injuries acquired by bits and bedraggled conditions, individuals are decumbent to developing tetanus and alternative illnesses.

Tertiary blockage can be the use of medical counselors/therapists to advice individuals cope with the after-effects of these disasters. Experiencing a adverse accident can advance to abundant pain, suffering, anxiety, insomnia, and abounding alternative problems. Individuals charge to be able to be heard, accurate their animosity and concerns. Receiving analysis can advice allay these affection and advice individuals cope with their losses.

I accept that all these interventions can be proposed during the primary blockage phase. There has to be a plan advanced of time that will absorb all important things needed. Looking out for individuals as a accomplished is actual important and benign to their wellbeing. One can altercate these things with organizations as the Red Cross, CDC, and UNICEF. These organizations action abundant advice in disasters and blockage of illnesses.


Jones, N. 2010. Haiti to advance convulse preparedness. Retrieved from

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