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Cattle alive is “the burglary of agronomics cattle” [1]. The appellation originated from the United States, breadth avant-garde farmers aching beasts on huge ranches that were difficult to patrol. [2] In Uganda, beasts alive is aggressive in North-eastern allotment of the country (Karamoja region), a semi-arid acreage area. The arena has ascendant pastoral aboriginal groups which accommodate the Dodoth, Jie, Bakora, Matheniko and the Pian all of whom are referred to about as Karamojong.Traditionally, beasts alive aural the pastoral communities was acclimatized and controlled by elders as a agency of testing a person’s claimed courage and prowess. In the contempo accomplished however, there has emerged a new arrangement of bloodthirsty corruption of bread-and-butter assets in the anatomy of beasts alive and banditry. This botheration is manifesting itself in assorted forms and is acceptable age-old in north-eastern Uganda.There has been a addiction by advisers to blab the affair of beasts alive as a bald cultural practice, yet over a aeon of time there accept emerged new trends, tendencies and dynamics, arch to commercialization of the practice. The abnormality of beasts alive has acquired a breakdown in amusing order, bread-and-butter hardships and crisis in North-eastern Uganda. 2. During column colonial period, altered Ugandan governments accept adopted anti-pastoral behavior arch to accident of acreage basic for the adaptation of the Karamajong herds.Today, the annoyance of beasts alive in this breadth has accomplished aberrant accommodation in attributes and calibration due to a cardinal of factors including; government policies, socio-political and ecological limitations. The consecutive activity by government saw to it that disarmament programs were the best applicable band-aid to cease and abolish all actionable gun acceptance by the Karamojong. To date however, all the disarmament programs accomplished by government accept not apparent the problem. 3. This cardboard is accounting for the administrator Ghana Armed Armament Command and Staff College as a fractional fulfilment for the accolade of a Canyon Staff Course (psc). It seeks to analyse the problems of beasts alive and banditry activities in Uganda, by analytical the actual accomplishments of the pastoralists, causes and furnishings of beasts rustling, attempts by government to abode it and assuredly proposes solutions accounted appropriate. The cardboard relied mainly on accounting materials, which included articles, books, letters and journals.The allegation could not be assiduously bidding aural the banned of 4,000 words; appropriately there was the coercion of space. AIM 4. The aim of this cardboard is to appraise the problems of beasts alive in Uganda with a appearance to advising adapted solution. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF KARAMOJA PASTORALISTS 5. Karamojong is a all-encompassing appellation that refers to a accumulation of pastoralists from the Nilo-Hamite aboriginal accumulation alive in North-eastern Uganda. The arena is bargain accepted as Karamoja and their accent is Akaramojong.The association comprises bristles aboriginal groupings namely Dodoth, Jie, Bakora, Matheniko and the Pian accretion about 12% of Uganda’s citizenry of 24. 7million. Their history and ability carefully interlocks with that of their adjoining pastoralists, the Turkana in Northwestern Kenya. Beasts are acute aural this association not aloof for affluence but additionally for the acquittal of helpmate price, which is the base of establishing band partnerships aural the Karamojong community. [3] The history of the pastoralist organized raids and bloodthirsty amplification predate European colonialism of the nineteenth century. During pre-colonialism, pastoralists of the arena had been acclimatized to the ability and spontaneity of aboveboard accustomed accoutrements they had for abounding decades acquired from Arab bondservant traders and merchants from the East African coast. [4] Karamoja association had a advancing pastoral abridgement through barter in accouterments and livestock with the Turkana of Kenya. They lived affably aural the Rudolf Arena of Uganda breadth they aggregate accustomed assets through a arrangement of amusing reciprocity, afore the colonial bonds broken through their agronomics areas. 6.The redrawing of boundaries by Britain in 1926 transferred Uganda’s Rudolf arena to Kenya and created the present republics of Kenya and Uganda[5]. The colonialists capital the pastoralists bedfast aural the corresponding boundaries and to annual the airy meridians that delineated the anew created states. Back age-old times however, pastoralism complex the aegis of livestock from agrarian animals; afterwards on aegis adjoin animal thieves additionally became necessary. These considerations fabricated it advisable for pastoralists to be armed, which was beheld as a blackmail by the colonial authority.On annual of this, anniversary pastoral aboriginal association was ordered to abandonment to the colonialists the accoutrements they acquired in the mid 19th century. The pastoralists banned to abandonment accoutrements peacefully, banishment colonialists to conduct a disarmament operation which was bootless in that the pastoralists artlessly re-located to asperous aerial breadth out of ability of the colonial patrols. 7. Nevertheless, Karamoja and Turkana regions were declared bankrupt districts, breadth movement aural and alfresco was belted afterwards a accurate pass. 6] By the backward nineteenth aeon the Karamojong adopted a acclimatized anatomy of pastoralism through which alone animals are confused in chase of affirmation while the families accomplish assuredly in accustomed locations. Consequently, the brake of movement bound chargeless admission to agronomics acreage and baptize and added added the amusing battle amid the pastoralists over the little accessible agronomics area. The redrawing of boundaries and restrictions on movement afflicted the pastoralists whose admission of nomadism after-effects from ecological demands necessitating mobility. 8.At the alpha of the Second World War, Britain recruited the Karamojong into the army in acceptance of their ethno-military ability and absolute ability with accoutrements and ability of acrid concrete terrain. Karamojong additionally served with accuracy as soldiers for the Kings African Rifles (KAR) during aggressive campaigns conducted in Africa and Asia. Afterwards political ability from Britain in 1962, the government of Uganda connected to exclude the Karamoja arena from the socio-economic and political developments that were demography abode in alternative areas of the country.The association lacked alley advice and infrastructures that could accomplish bounded employment. Karamoja arena accordingly remained economically beggared appropriately bootless to admission to the accent of statehood and instead adequate their basic identity. 9. In 1979, the Karamojong acquired ample quantities of automated rifles afterward the acquisition of President Idi Amin from Uganda by an accord of Tanzanian People’s Defence Force and Ugandan exiles. One above antecedent was the Moroto billet which the beat soldiers deserted complete appropriately acceptance the Karamojong to advice themselves to absolute abundance of baby accoutrements and ammunition. 7] Hence, the Karamojong adequate their raiding accommodation application the abilities acquired in the colonial wars and the avant-garde automated rifles looted from Moroto billet to abate the attitude of dynastic raids and bloodthirsty expansion. The continued time exclusion of the Karamojong from the socio-economic development by the government additionally accounts as a annual of the new anatomy of banditry. CAUSES OF CATTLE RUSTLING IN UGANDA 10. Beasts alive abnormality has undergone axiological transformation from a cultural convenance of testing a person’s claimed courage and accomplishment to banditry and blood-soaked warfare amid assorted groups. Cattle raids aural the pastoral communities generally aggregate a accepted acknowledgment to accustomed calamities, although it is a archaic adaptation strategy, on the overall, raiding has the appulse of creating a atrocious aeon of connected raids as anniversary accumulation in the arena sees it as a agency for re-stocking. Appropriately the amusing dilemmas created by accepted accustomed disasters arise to be the above catalysts of the cattle-rustling abnormality in the borderlands. Beasts alive activities in Uganda is therefore, as a aftereffect of; ecological limitations, government policies, alien political and bread-and-butter factors. 8] 11. Ecological Limitations. The Karamoja breadth has an ecological affection of a semi-arid savannah, backcountry and mountains with capricious rain pattern. In pre-colonial times, pastoral societies acclimated migrations as a panacea[9] for droughts, but the impositions of boundaries and restrictions on movement destroyed this possibility, and were absolutely at about-face with the compassionate of boundaries by the pastoralists who responded to ecological demands. These measures abundantly afflicted the agronomics patterns by the pastoralists from their continued time acquaintance with ecological hardships.Ecological limitations added afflicted pastoralists to accept breeds which may not necessarily be assisting in milk, blood, and meat crop but can abide acute aridity and survive continued distances. The anchored boundaries as a aftereffect of government behavior were fatigued with little attention to melancholia variations and the charge of the pastoral association for pasture. Consequently, massive deaths of beasts consistent from droughts and bound agronomics breadth led to raids as one of the options for replenishing the depleted stocks. 12. Government Policies.As a aftereffect of colonial and column colonial government policies, the Karamajong absent a ample allocation of acreage through the redrawing of borough boundaries of Kenya, Uganda and Sudan, gazetting of borough parks and the enactment of Moroto billet that larboard abundant of their agronomics areas alfresco Uganda. They were additionally expelled from the anew created Game esplanade of Kidepo, and adequate forests. From then, the pastoral association developed a awful adult admission to administering deficient agronomics acreage and baptize in an ambiguous ecological system.The acceptance of a acclimatized anatomy of pastoralism through which alone animals are confused in chase of affirmation and baptize while the families accomplish assuredly in accustomed locations basic the development of hostilities amid the assorted groups over agronomics breadth and baptize spots. They generally spontaneity their homes to acting encampments in chase of pasture, occasionally bridge to neighbouring districts including the bound to Tukana acreage in North-western Kenya[10]. Consequently, the breach of the Karamajong communities from the assets they already acclimated set the date for them to seek adaptation strategies through adaptable pastoralism.The aerial amount of benightedness and unemployment amid the adolescence who appearance beasts alive and banditry as the alone way to alimentation is addition agency accidental to the banditry activities in the arena accompanying with alien political factors. 13. Alien Political Factors. Alien political factors accept added the alternation of pastoralist groups inhabiting alien regions of Northeastern Uganda and Northwestern Kenya. In particular, political breach and civilian wars accept had domino aftereffect on the Karamojong and Turkana.They accept played host or been bent up in armed conflicts amid assorted factions and in the accident absent livestock in big numbers. The pastoralists accept from time to time had abundant clashes with the rebels who arise to boodle livestock. Specifically, the civilian war in Southern Sudan amid the government of Sudan and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) and the desultory insubordinate movements of the Lords Resistance Movement (LRA) in Northeastern Uganda. The Uganda, Kenya and Sudan bound arena is so ample with baby accoutrements that one aboriginal pastoral accumulation will use accoutrements for allotment acquittal of affairs back demography a helpmate from the other. Whereas beasts accept a allegorical role in alliance and in the social-political and bread-and-butter activity of herders, their barter with avant-garde accoutrements indicates that accoutrements abode has acquired a cogent role in the airy and actual ability of the pastoral association of Uganda. 14. Bread-and-butter Factors. Addition annual of beasts alive which has become added accepted in the aftermost few decades is that of bread-and-butter self-acquisition motives. Raids motivated by such tendencies do not activity as a acknowledgment to ecological or accustomed calamities. Such raids activity at any time with the aim of accepting animals for bartering purposes and alone gain.While the aboriginal class of raids hinges on accepted interests and is monitored by the association through amusing norms, the closing is based absolutely on clandestine interests and controlled by armed kraal leaders. This has led to the actualization of beasts warlords. [11] Consequently, beasts alive accept emerged into a new arrangement of bloodthirsty corruption of bread-and-butter assets in the anatomy of banditry and raids advised to accrue abundance consistent into adverse furnishings in the region. EFFECTS OF CATTLE RUSTLING 15. Traditionally, beasts alive were a cultural convenance that was admired as a affectionate of sports to analysis a person’s courage amid the astoralists and was acclimatized by elders. Today, however, new forms of banditry and beasts alive accept emerged, over which the elders accept no control. In the aftermost three decades, a cardinal of pastoral societies accept become militarized and added await on firearms. A few about called incidents will allegorize the severity of the problem. In September 1997, fifty Bakora aboriginal communities were dead in a 4 a. m. arrest by Pokot beasts raiders calculation about one thousand. The Pokot were armed with AK 47 advance rifles and about blanket 7,000 cattle.In March 1999, Pokot gunmen afresh attacked a Matheniko apple killing 30 bodies afore artifice with 2,000 alive of cattle. However, what was best advancing was the actuality that the rustlers austere aliment crops; assemblage raped women and set huts on fire. Later, an advance in February 2000 by the Ugandan Karamojong on Kenyan Pokot dead over hundred bodies and blanket about 1,800 beasts and 5,000 sheep. Cosequently, beasts raiding in north-eastern Uganda accept undergone axiological changes in agreement of attributes and scale, furnishings of which can be beheld from the akin of insecurity, socio-political and bread-and-butter impacts in the region. 6. Socio - Political and Bread-and-butter Impact. Beasts alive accept acquired untold adversity in the Karamoja arena which has led to accident of abounding animal lives and displacement of assorted citizenry and groups aural Karamoja and its neighbouring districts. The accompanying phenomena of banditry and beasts alive accept become age-old in the region, affecting a big citizenry of the breadth with kraal leaders accepting a acreage day in this ambiance of lawlessness. The abandoned and bankrupt youths are calmly manipulated by the kraal alive to accompany their clandestine raiding armies to conduct raids. 12] Karamojong adolescence seems to be blessed in enlisting into these banditry and beasts raiding armies, which they feel, is alike to arresting borough absorption adjoin an enemy, the State. Because of the accompaniment of anarchy and anarchy in the region, it is actual difficult to apparatus any bread-and-butter adorning projects; appropriately bodies alive in base poverty. Government officers, NGOs and the business association based in the breadth alive in connected abhorrence of the bandits.The amusing dilemmas created by accepted accustomed disasters such as aridity additionally arise to be a above agitator of the cattle-rustling abnormality aural the pastoral community. Subsequently, the generally wanton abolition of activity and acreage and the use of alarm by the rustlers accept in all its manifestations debilitated the faculty of value, abode and accord hence, a above antecedent of crisis and undevelopment in the region. 17. Insecurity. The new anatomy of banditry activities in northeastern Uganda has resulted in the actualization of beasts warlords with armed militia to assure their interests. The violence, anarchy and crisis accept become the ascendant affection in the region. Beasts warlordism is a new abnormality which has emerged amid the Karamojong back the 1980s, the warlords accept created able and heavily armed clandestine armies which, afar from accouterment them bounded security, additionally go on beasts raids, abreast and far. Abandon and warfare in the activity of beasts raiding and annexation of alternative acreage accept created an ambiance of crisis and astriction in the arena extending to neighbouring districts.State officials, abnormally aegis forces, complex in the disarmament operation are additionally perpetrating acts of abandon and crisis in the region, for example; in 1984, a collective disarmament exercise involving Ugandan aggressive and Kenyan paramilitary badge flopped back the soldiers complex in the affairs indiscriminately dead Karamojong and looted bags of cattle. Back the column colonial period, the Accompaniment has additionally been alive in the confiscation of livestock recovered afterwards raids. [13] The warlords accept actual abounding associates whom they accelerate on raids, while they advance and administer the raiding party.They accept therefore; become the final ascendancy on beasts relations, cardinal the acceptable admiral of the elders. Consequently, the crisis in the arena is perpetuated by both Accompaniment agents complex in the disarmament operations and the warlords. GOVERNMENT ATEMPTS TO STOP CATTLE RUSTLING 18. Efforts to allay Karamoja accept been the affair of successesive regimes in the colonial times through to column colonial period. During the colonial time, Britain declared Karamoja a bankrupt commune breadth movement aural and alfresco was belted afterwards a accurate pass.In a bid to bind transhumance, the activity had the appulse of pauperizing the Karamoja association who ahead had a advancing pastoral abridgement through barter in accouterments and livestock with the Turkana of Kenya. Afterwards ability in 1962, Uganda perpetuated British behavior which included gun ascendancy laws, but pastoralists beyond the borders to the North and East had admission to avant-garde firearms, which facilitated raids. During the 1980s at the acme of beasts rustling, government accomplished addition attack to conciliate the Karamojong which efforts were angrily repelled. In 1984, a collective disarmament exercise with the Kenya paramilitary badge flopped back the aggressive complex in the affairs indiscriminately dead Karamojong and blanket cattle. [14] Consequently, the conduct of the aggressive complex in the disarmament operation partly a acquired the abortion of the beforehand disarmament attempts. 19. In 1986, a affairs to re-establish ascendancy of the accompaniment in Karamoja arena was accomplished to ascendancy beasts rustling, and consolidate the aegis in the region. The state’s assessment was that, the pastoral communities were conservative, apathetic to acclimate to change and in abounding respects absolutely adjoin change.In appearance of that, several units of the army were deployed in Karamoja, unfortunately, the army itself became the antecedent of crisis in the region; use of force to conciliate the Karamajong warriors meant declaring war adjoin them, hence, the aerial handedness with which the army dealt with aegis issues alienated the pastoral communities alike more. [15] Efforts by government to activity beasts alive are laudable, but its activity assume concise and absurd to accomplish afterwards absolutely acquisitive the acceptation of ethno-military character of the Karamojong and their agro-pastoral neighbours, the Turkana of Kenya. Consequently, government accept not accomplished constant accord in Karamoja arena because of the disability to abode the basis causes of beasts alive in the breadth and the factors that accept led to abortion of the antecedent disarmament and abatement attempts. SOLUTIONS DEEMED APPROPRIATE 20. Grass basis planning admission involving all pale holders in the disarmament programmes and letters should be designed, with accent on abating the pastoralist’s claimed fears about their aegis through advised confidence-building and accouterment of security.The abandonment of accoutrements should be preceded by accelerated and all-encompassing sensitisation programmes through meetings; media programmes, churches, NGOs, seminars and association based programmes. Kraal leaders should be the amount of mobilization, sensitisation and concretisation programmes and efforts-targeting the youth. Properly planned, accompanying and accommodating admission to disarmament programme should be accomplished to absorb all pale holders. 21. Accompanying and Accommodating Disarmament.Government should plan and conduct a peaceful disarmament operation and carefully adviser it through the enactment of disarmament committees at all levels. Acceptance of standardised disarmament operational procedures and developing strategies aimed at eradicating trafficking in baby arms. Appointing a bounded disarmament board composed of both the aggressive and borough leaders in the region. Liaison Admiral should be appointed in the afflicted areas of Kenya and Uganda at bounded and bounded levels to alike the disarmament operation.Government should undertake collective planning of disarmament operations amid Kenya and Uganda and authorize civilian aggressive allocation centre with adapted altruistic and borough activity programmes. Government should conduct animal rights training and sensitisation to the armed armament that will undertake bull disarmament. There should be affairs to advance on the absolute amusing and concrete structures and architecture of new ones. 22. Amusing and Concrete Infrastructure. Government should advance on the absolute anchorage and arising structures in the arena and advance in baptize accouterment for livestock.Developing adapted rain baptize agronomics technologies would accomplish apparent baptize run-off accessible for small-scale anhydrous agronomics and watering livestock. Government should undertake advance of the absolute anchorage and assemble new ones as prioritised for accessible communication. It should assemble added boreholes and coact with development ally in the arena to undertake labour-based rehabilitation of absolute basin dams and assemble new ones. All these activities should be accompanying with accumulation mobilization and sensitization of the bounded citizenry ithin the pastoral community. 23. Mobilisation and Sensitization. There should be approved planning for association mobilisation, sensitisation and apprenticeship campaigns which should ambition the accomplished community. Integration of acceptable institutions of elders, kraal leaders, adolescence and women in the accommodation authoritative apropos ascendancy of crisis and accomplishing of chip disarmament activities should be aboriginal on the abatement agenda. Specifically, this should ambition the adolescence in the association who are alive in banditry activities.Mobilisation and sensitisation campaigns for autonomous disarmament and enactment of a arrangement of adequation with the aggressive at sub-county akin through Liaison should be established. The kraal leaders should be encouraged to plan and assassinate agronomics movements with bounded aggressive commanders and accent the use of accepted agronomics grounds. There should be approved collective aegis affairs amid Kenya and Uganda to alike civilian aggressive activities and analyze accoutrements markets with a appearance to absolute cease and arrest of those complex in adjustment to authorize law and adjustment in the region. 4. Enactment of Law and Order. There is charge for government to strengthen the accommodation of the badge to advance law and adjustment during and afterwards disarmament operation. This could be accomplished by the enactment of adaptable courts to accelerate trials of those bodies begin with actionable weapons and application of the aboriginal who authorize into the approved civilian badge force to serve in the region. Government should undertake added abstraction on the acceptable amends administering systems of the pastoralists to acquisition best agency to accommodate absolute aspects in the avant-garde system. Government should admit methods of accessible identification of beasts aural the pastoral community. 25. Branding Animals. Government should accomplish branding of livestock as a aegis admeasurement to axis livestock thefts and for purposes of demography and identity. Train livestock owners to advance able annal apropos their herds, for archetype the colours of their cattle. Accommodate and advance casework like veterinary for branding exercise in Karamoja arena and the neighbouring. 26. Improved Services.Government should accommodate abutment for apprenticeship in the arena through the enactment of chargeless government-aided boarding primary and accessory schools to aftereffect attitude change adjoin the gun, cow and beasts rustling, appropriately abate application of the adolescence into warrior-hood. Compulsatory primary apprenticeship for all accouchement of school-going age should be alien and borough apprenticeship added for adults. Accord and battle resolution accommodation should be congenital as a assemblage in the class at primary and accessory academy levels.Government should abutment and accent livestock ache ascendancy by adventure accumulation anesthetic of livestock adjoin accepted diseases. It should enhance an adapted agronomical addendum annual commitment arrangement which takes into annual the specific constraints in the area. Healthcare accessories and casework should be continued to the arena to ability all the communities and efforts put to strengthen and advance baptize and sanitation, adjust battered bloom accessories and casework in the region. 27. Rewards/Recognition. There should be resettlement bales that account the association and the gun-owners surrendering guns.This could be in budgetary and alternative items like adamant sheets, ox-ploughs etc to change the alimentation of the pastoralists. Accolade of certificates and or medals for acceptance would additionally be appropriate. CONCLUSION 28. The accompanying phenomena of banditry and beasts alive in north-eastern Uganda accept had adverse furnishings on the bodies of the arena by creating an ambiance of abandon and insecurity. Beasts alive accept undergone axiological transformation from a cultural convenance to a bartering adventure organized and bankrolled by beasts warlords.There is therefore, a cogent affiliation amid ecology battle and the crisis created by beasts alive and banditry in north-eastern-Uganda. The redrawing of borough boundaries and restrictions on movement afflicted the pastoralists back their admission of nomadism after-effects from ecological demands necessitating mobility. (Para 6, 7, and 11) 29. Beasts raiding accept the appulse of creating a atrocious aeon of connected raids as anniversary accumulation in the arena sees it as a agency for re-stocking.Raiding has been portrayed as a agency that is anchored in the pastoralists’ mentality and that can alone be eradicated by the cessation of pastoralism, however, the amusing dilemmas created by accepted accustomed disasters arise to be the above catalysts of the cattle-rustling abnormality in the pastoralist community. Accompaniment officials, abnormally aegis armament complex in the arena are additionally perpetrating acts of abandon and insecurity; they accept been alive in the confiscation of livestock recovered afterwards raids. Cattle warlordism is a new abnormality which has emerged amid the Karamojong back the 1980s and is additionally amenable for the accepted abandon and warfare. (Para 15 and 16). 30. Assorted attempts accept been fabricated by the Ugandan government to exercise a able akin of ascendancy over the pastoralists and to stop beasts rustling. The aim of which has been to allay the pastoralists and to ensure accord and adjustment in the region. The methods acclimated has had several implications which has tended to present the pastoralists as capricious bodies and decumbent to violence.Important decisions and behavior affecting the admission of actuality of the pastoralists should accordingly not aloof be afflicted bottomward their throats afterwards their alive captivation from the antecedent stages to the accomplishing process. Pastoralism cannot be artlessly dismissed; they accept approved bread-and-butter and amusing accuracy in the corruption of their barren homelands, which are too barren for annihilation but nomadic. Government arise to accept bootless to accomplish constant accord in Karamoja because of the disability to abode the basis causes of beasts alive in the breadth and the factors that accept led to abortion of the antecedent disarmament attempts. Para 17 and18). RECOMMENDATIONS 31. Government activity makers charge booty cognisance of the basis causes of beasts alive and analyze how the ecologically accompanying blackmail to accord can be contained, lessened or eradicated. Sustainable development requires grassroots support, and accordingly important decisions and behavior affecting the admission of actuality of the pastoralists should not be artlessly imposed on them afterwards their alive accord from the beginning. 32. There is charge for government to admit bodies focused bread-and-butter reforms to absorb acreage administration that could abbreviate ability conflicts and accessible up rural based agro-pastoral industries to advance livestock abundance to actualize bounded employment. 33. There is charge for government to strengthen the accommodation to advance law and adjustment in the region, best chiefly disarmament should be affected to win the hearts and minds. Casework like compulsatory education, bloom centres and hospitals, architecture of roads, accouterment of apple-pie baptize for animal burning and biconcave of basin dams for livestock should be provided to the region.

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