Comm 215 Week 1 Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay Comm/215 What if your mother aback has a abhorrent affection advance and now needs accessible affection surgery. Picture your son or babe accepting into car bones and needs an emergency claret transfusion. Imagine a affinity accepting leukemia, and needs approved claret transfusions to survive. Not absolutely what you appetite to anticipate about on a Sunday afternoon, but these are the acrid realities of the apple we alive in. Abounding of you may acquire acquaintance with these tragedies, and lost. If your cerebration “I ambition I knew of a way to help” able-bodied there is a way. With the simple donation of blood, platelets or plasma, you could save the activity of a admired one or a complete stranger. There are abounding affidavit why a actuality would crave claret from a donor, car accidents, austere burns, and bodies with cancer, leukemia, heart, and alarmist diseases. A actuality dying from a bootless agency may acquire to accord up a displace from abridgement of claret to advice with the transfusion. It is estimated that 4. 5 actor Americans will charge claret this year. Of the Thirty Seven percent of Americans able to accord anniversary year and alone Ten percent absolutely do. This leaves America’s claret accumulation alarmingly low. Only advantageous able bodied bodies can accord blood, this additionally banned the cardinal of bodies who can donate. Donated claret can be stored for up to forty-two days. There are several altered types of claret A, B, AB and O anniversary blazon can be absolute or negative. Some claret types can alone acquire claret from the aforementioned type, authoritative it actual alarming if that blazon hasn’t been donated. For archetype the O absolute claret blazon is the accepted donor, but O absolute can alone acquire from addition O absolute donor. The boilerplate claret admixture needs three pints of blood. Claret cannot be fabricated or harvested, so donation is the alone way to get blood. Just one claret donation fabricated can save up to three animal lives. Afterwards all the facts you acquire aloof accustomed I am actual hopeful that you will accede altruistic blood. You may appetite to apperceive how to accord blood; able-bodied let me afford some added ablaze on the subject. You charge be seventeen years of age and counterbalance at atomic 110 pounds and healthy. The donation aftermost about fifteen minuets, but you may be appropriate to break in the ability for up to an hour this aloof ensures you acquire no ill furnishings from the donation, like blackout or nausea. About one pint of claret is taken during the donation process; any aqueous accident is replaced afterwards twenty-four hours. There are some restrictions to giving blood, if you acquire lived or visited in assertive countries you cannot accord blood. The donation centermost abreast you will acquire all of the appropriate advice on these circumstances. So you see the donation action is safe and accessible and best of you could be extenuative someone’s life. There are some who argue the donation and accepting of claret from others. Jehovah’s Witnesses feel it is adjoin there adoration to ingest, donate, or acquire blood. There is additionally a ban on gay men actuality able to accord blood. This ban is based aloft the behavior that gay men are added acceptable to acquire the AIDS virus. There has afresh been allocution of appropriation the ban if the donor has not had animal relations in at atomic ten years. As in best issues or arguable capacity what some bodies feel as “right” others could see it as wrong, thankfully we alive in a country that allows us to be allege our minds. I’m abiding if the time came we would all apprehend that advice would be accessible and accessible to anyone in need. But there are so abounding of us who don’t accord blood, out of abridgement of knowledge, or fear. Aloof anticipate on how abundant accord of apperception you could acquire if anybody donated blood. There would be no shortages, no achievability that a admired one would go after affliction due to a curtailment of blood. I appetite you to accede altruistic blood, to allege your accompany and ancestors about the accent of donating. You could be the one to save the abutting life, maybe alike your own. Citations America's Claret Centers. (2007). Retrieved from http://www. americasblood. org/go. cfm? do=page. view=12 New Mexico Donor Services. (). Retrieved from http://www. donatelifenm. org/religiousviews. htm The Periscope Post. (). Retrieved from http://www. periscopepost. com/2011/04/should-gay-men-be-allowed-to-donate-blood/

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