Comic Strip or Political Cartoon Analysis

      Analysis of an Individual Banana Band or Political Animation from a contempo banana band or political cartoon.       Choose one banana band or political cartoon. If you appointment the website of a bi-weekly such as The Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., you should be able to chase for banana strips or political cartoons easily.  Which techniques does the architect of the banana band use? How does the architect accomplish his/her point in the banana strip? What do we apprentice about the characters and/or ourselves from this banana band or political cartoon? If colors are available, what do they acquaint us about this banana or cartoon? What accent is acclimated and how can that be interpreted?  And importantly, which of the key agreement from the affair appointment can you altercate in your analysis? For example, how do elements of imagery, symbolism, metaphor, and/or irony advice acknowledge the cartoon’s message?  As with all bookish essays you address in this course, this article should accept a categorical addition with a apriorism statement, body, and conclusion.  In essence, what are some of the concrete elements present in the cartoon1—characters, text, colors, etc., forth with allegorical elements such as allegory and symbolism, that advice to explain the cartoon’s message? It can be accessible to focus on a distinct aspect in the animation in its own anatomy branch (include the aspect in the affair book and in the thesis) and call how it portrays the cartoon’s bulletin afore affective to the abutting animation affection in a new paragraph.       The guidelines for this appointment are as follows:  Length: This appointment should be at atomic 800 words.       Header: Accommodate a attack in the high left-hand bend of your autograph appointment with the afterward information:  Your aboriginal and aftermost name   Course Title (Composition II)  Assignment name (i.e, Animation Analysis)  Current Date Format:  MLA-style antecedent affidavit and Works Cited Your aftermost name and folio cardinal in the upper-right bend of anniversary page

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