Combining Nurse Leader With Advocacy

Rate yourself application the after-effects from the "Nurse Manager Skills Inventory":

Write a absorption of 750-1,000 words in which you analyze your  strengths and weaknesses accompanying to the four agreeable areas below:

  1. Personal and able accountability
  2. Career  planning
  3. Personal adventure disciplines
  4. Reflective    practice advertence behaviors/tenets

Discuss how you will use your accepted administration accomplishment set to  advocate for change in your workplace.

Identify one claimed ambition for your administration advance and altercate  your accomplishing plan to accomplish that goal.

While APA architecture is not appropriate for the anatomy of this assignment,  solid bookish autograph is accepted and in-text citations and  references should be presented application APA affidavit guidelines,  which can be begin in the APA Style Guide, amid in the Student  Success Center.

This appointment uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to  beginning the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for  successful completion.

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