Colonial America

  Objectives: By the end of this session, acceptance will be able to: · Explain the evolving challenge amid the Native Americans, the French, and the British for supremacy and adaptation in North America. · Describe activity in 18th aeon American rural villages, on the frontier, in cities, and on plantations. · Explain the accord amid amusing assortment and political analysis and alternation in 18th aeon America. · Explain the appulse of the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening in America. · Describe colonial angle England and English angle of the colonies in the average of the 18th century. Readings: Read Affiliate 4 in American: Past and Present by Robert Divine and appearance the affiliate 4 Power Point. CH04.PPT Web site: The Great Awakening  Ben Franklin  Assignments: A. Read Affiliate 4 in American: Past and Present by Robert Divine and acknowledgment the afterward questions. 1. How did the Anglo-American bread-and-butter accord change in the 18th century? 2. What were the origins of the Seven Years’ War and its aftereffect on the American colonies? 3. What were the similarities and differences amid the Enlightenment and te Great Awakening? 4. What appulse did “city life” accept on colonial culture? 5. Who were added powerful, colonial governors or colonial assemblies? B. Read the hyperlinked commodity and acknowledge to one of the questions. The Great Awakening  How cogent was the Great Awakening's access on the American Revolution? C. Analysis Project I Due This is the online adaptation of the analysis cardboard but instead of creating a accounting annual of your analysis I appetite you to “show” me. In alternative words, I appetite you to actualize a presentation of your research. Using any presentation software, such as PowerPoint, actualize a presentation of a actual affair that avalanche aural the ambit of the advance (US History to 1865), booty a position, and present your findings. The minimum accelerate claim is 10, but don’t stop at there. Use as abounding slides as you see all-important to prove your point.  For examples in anatomy (not topic), bang here, here, here, and here. Submit your Analysis Project as an adapter in the Analysis Tab.

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