Cold Food Festival

1. Algid Aliment Anniversary originated from Chinese according to a legend. The fable has been told that, in Spring and Autumn period, Chong'er (Tan Van Cong), a prince of Jin, endured abounding hardships while he fled about the clashing states. Once, in adjustment to advice the prince who was addled by hunger, Jie Zhitui (Gioi Tu Thoi) cut off the beef from his thigh and offered it to the prince for sustenance. Later, back Chong'er became Duke Wen of Jin, he ordered a chase for Jie Zhitui who had gone into ambuscade in the alien mountains with his mother. Jie Zhitui had no political ambitions and acquainted abashed to assignment with his hypocritical fellows, appropriately banned allurement of the Duke. Again the abundance was ordered to be austere bottomward in adjustment to force Zhitui out of hiding. Unfortunately Zhitui did not accord in and the blaze concluded up killing Zhitui and his mother. Filled with remorse, the Duke ordered that anniversary year during these three canicule the ambience of blaze is banned – all aliment was to be captivated cold. Therefore the Anniversary is appropriately named In Vietnam, because of a thousand years of ascendancy by arctic invaders, our bodies were afflicted by Chinese community and we additionally acclaimed Algid Aliment Festival, which is alleged T? t han th? c , in the northen allotment of the country, but alone marginally. However, our Algid Aliment Anniversary is actual altered from Chinese’s. We cook glutinous rice balls called “banh troi banh chay” on that day to adoration their ancestor but the holiday's origins are abundantly forgotten, and the blaze anathema is additionally abundantly ignored. 2. Origin of “Banh troi banh chay” In Algid Aliment Festival, “banh troi banh chay” are indispensable. However, through abounding generations, bodies still accomplish these cakes but about of them do not apperceive about their origins. There are abounding legends about them but the best acclaimed one is the fable of Lac Long Quan and Au Co. According to this legend, Au Co gave bearing to a array of 100 eggs, which hatching 100 sons. Afterwards growing up, a bisected of the sons followed their ancestor to go to the sea, and addition half, calm with the mother, went to the mountain. So Vietnamese bodies accomplish “banh troi” as the attribute of 50 sons, who hatched from 50 eggs, went to the abundance and “banh chay” as the attribute of others who went to the sea. Today, we accomplish these blazon of block to admonish ourselves about our root. Due to bound time, in this part, we aloof present how to accomplish “banh troi” and its ingredients. ? Ingredients: - Adhesive rice abrade - Alkali - Baptize - Bonbon - Broiled sesame and attic which is aching into fibers. ? Process of authoritative cakes: - Mix the abrade with alkali and algid water, and aerate the dough. - All the abrade should be alloyed gradually; if it’s in excess, add added abrade until the admixture is bland and soft. - To aerate the cake, aboriginal of all, booty baby genitalia of the dough, cycle and again accord the chef a slight columnist in adjustment to flatten. Secondly, put the bonbon into the middle, and array up. - Try to cycle them about and consistently so that the block will attending acceptable - Before baking the cakes, you should adapt a basin of baptize to bead them into it back they are best up. - Baking a pot of baptize and bead the cakes in turn, aloof 5-7 cakes one time to aces them all up at the aforementioned time. At first, the cakes will bore back we bead them in. - Back the cakes are done to a turn, they’ll float, which agency it’s time to aces them up. - Bethink to bead the cakes into the basin appropriate afterwards aces them up so that we can anticipate them from actuality sticky. Finally, all you charge to do is to aces up the cakes, put them into a dish, and baptize the bowl with broiled sesame. 3. Meaning: In our country, Algid Aliment Anniversary has a abstruse civic acceptation which is constant with the attitude as able-bodied as circadian activity of Vietnamese people. In Algid Aliment Festival, bodies alone accomplish “banh troi, banh chay” to alter algid food. Its capital aim is to admonish us of our ancestors. “Banh troi, banh chay” are fabricated to accurate our acknowledgment and bethink our root. On the whole, it is an absorbing cuisine anniversary that not all countries over the apple have.

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