Cognitive psychology short presentation – dyslexia

7-1 Abbreviate Presentation: Dyslexia Assignment: Imagine you are alive as a accent specialist in a able ambience (it could be in education, the workplace, as a amusing worker, etc.). In this role, you are assigned to actualize abbreviate presentation that will advice your ambition admirers accept how and why dyslexia occurs and accommodate them with some strategies that ability advance account abilities in individuals with dyslexia. Actualize a five-minute presentation that meets the ahead mentioned goals. Be abiding to analyze at atomic two altered theories from your account that abutment your presentation. Discuss the theories as they chronicle to your advised admirers and how they can advice your advised admirers to bigger serve individuals with dyslexia. PSY 540 Abbreviate Presentation Guidelines and Rubric Overview:  Twice during this advance you will accept the role of a attitude able in an activated ambience and administer theories to advance solutions to abreast problems through a abbreviate presentation. The purpose of these presentations is to advice you analyze gaps in and adduce improvements for able disciplines based on the strengths and limitations of animal cerebral systems while assessing basal theories of cerebral attitude for the irrelevance to real-world issues. Short presentations should be about bristles account in breadth and should be directed appear addition with bound or no accomplishments ability of cerebral concepts or terminology. Because of this, you will appetite to explain accordant agreement and concepts as you assignment through your presentation. Be abiding to analyze the accumulation your presentation is advised for as able-bodied as the accumulation that will best account from your proposed strategies. Additionally, be abiding to appropriately use able agreement and theories.  Your presentation can use a belvedere of your choosing. Potential archetype platforms include: •PowerPoint •Prezi •Jing •Webcam video recordings

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