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 Review the included ISACA congenital accident case.  You will charge to complete the tasks articular in the after allotment of these slides labeled To Do.  Re-evaluate the anticipation and accident akin for all of the rows in table 2.  When you accomplish your accommodation on the new anticipation rating, you will charge to absolve this with one to two articles.  When you analyze the new accident level, you will charge to analyze two to three accessories as examples or sources to absolve the changes.  Don't aloof move it up or down, use accepted account and trends with agnate companies to absolve why you confused or alike kept it the same.  For anniversary item, run a Quantitative or Qualitative risk assay for a proposed mitigation.  In alternative words, acquisition a fix for anniversary account and put a amount tag with it.  Decide what items are in account and accomplish your choice.  You will add three new columns to table 2, one will be a proposed acknowledgment plan with account and accident akin from the FAIR methodology, and the additional cavalcade will be if your accident accommodation (accept, mitigate, transfer, avoid).  Abide the completed spreadsheet to the acquiescence account in this week.  You will additionally charge to acknowledgment the 10 altercation questions at the end of the slides and abide those with your spreadsheet, either as a additional folio with answers in the beef or as abstracted document. 

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