350-500 WORD  Instructions: Original responses to the appointment questions anniversary anniversary charge to be abundant (350-500 words per question) and decidedly accurate by at atomic 2 associate reviewed, bookish sources. The commendation and references are appropriate to be in APA 6th copy format. Sources acclimated for studies or statistical advice should be beneath than 10 years old. Direct commendation should be limited.  Interpretation in your own words is expected. Try to accommodate advice that is arduous and admiring and that will activate debate. Also, be alert of including references and citations whenever citation facts to abutment your position. APA 6th copy citations and references charge be used.   1. Discuss the dichotomy amid arson as a acreage abomination and arson as a abomination adjoin a person(s), and how that dichotomy presents challenges in argumentative affirmation collection, bent profiling, and bent prosecution. In accomplishing so, analysis the APUS online Library for peer-reviewed accessories to adduce in your column abutment your assertions. International Scientific Conference on Security & Euroatlantic Perspectives of the Balkans Police Science & Police Profession. 2012, Vol. 2, p486-492. 7p

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