150 words accede or disagree Discuss the association policing philosophy.  Community badge requires that badge are a ability aural the association itself (AMU, n.d.). They are answerable with administration the abomination that ability action aural the association as able-bodied as advice to advance the all-embracing affection of life (AMU, n.d.). In adjustment to do so, this requires that badge accept a affiliation with the association in which the serve (AMU, n.d.). There are a few key banned to the aesthetics of association policing. First, the absorbed is to anticipate abomination afore it anytime happens rather than be acknowledging to it already it occurs (Lortz, 2016). Second, it puts an accent on creating a safe amusing environment (Lortz, 2016). Third, badge charge collaborate with bodies aural the association to actuate what bent activities are occurring aural the community, and actualize an authentic antecedence account that is shaped by the bodies who alive in it (Lortz, 2016). Forth, they charge animate the bodies who alive aural the association to participate with law administration to accumulate there own association safe (Lortz, 2016).  2. Search your bounded or bounded news web folio and locate a accepted accident involving law administration officers, abridge the commodity or post, and altercate your acumen of the badge officers' actions. What contributed to your perception? Please accede the media's role in the event, the administration of the department's role, and the community's role.  I begin an commodity about bounded badge into a the, Michigan boondocks Royal Oak, responding to a alarm placed by a white woman claiming a 20 year old atramentous man “looked suspicious” (Fox 2, 2019). The commodity has a video anchored into it that was broadcasted on Facebook live. You can watch the alternation and both the video and the commodity accomplish it bright that this man is accommodating and not threating back approached by police (Fox 2, 2019).  At one point the man basically asks why they endlessly him to which they explain some alleged adage he was attractive suspicious (Fox 2, 2019). The mans acknowledgment is what you ability expect, balked and defeated, he alike affliction for crumbling their time (Fox 2, 2019). By this point four badge units are on scene, the about-face administrator tells them man they accept to acknowledge to any call (Fox 2, 2019). Eventually anybody goes their abstracted means and not accuse are filed and not abomination was committed (Fox 2, 2019).  To me this brings up alternative amusing issues and in the case the woman who alleged put addition abroad into a bearings that could accept been alarming for anybody complex except her (Fox 2, 2019). I do not anticipate this change my acumen of police, in this case they about-face administrator is right, if addition letters apprehensive action the badge accept the assignment to respond, they accept a job to do. In this case, they created a bad angel by responding four units to one caught and accommodating man walking bottomward the street.

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