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Assignment 2 You will actualize a claimed web folio application HTML. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a accepted markup accent acclimated to architecture web pages (it is not a programming language). You will upload your HTML cipher to your UCSC server, and afresh anyone can appearance your web folio on the internet. This appointment will be out of 1000 accessible points. Before You Start: We awful acclaim application a specialized argument editor, such as Notepad++ for Windows (download here) ( BBEdit for Mac (download here)( Do not use a accepted chat processor, like Microsoft Word. It will batter your cipher in abrupt ways. And do not use a web folio architect (it is accessible to acquaint the difference). Open your argument editor and alpha autograph your HTML cipher in a bare document. Be abiding to save your book as "index.html" (all lowercase). There is apparently a drop-down card in the save window that will let you accept HTML. Do not save your book as "index.txt". To adapt your index.html book later, do not double-click on the book on your computer. Instead, either appropriate bang on index.html and accept your argument editor, or accessible the argument editor aboriginal and accessible index.html from there. To examination your index.html file, double-click on you index.html book to accessible it in your absence browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.). This is a examination of what your HTML website will attending like back you upload it to your UCSC server. You may use the professor's archetype web folio ( a starting point. Artlessly go to the website and appearance the page's antecedent cipher (sometimes accomplished by acute Control-U on your keyboard). The website has alone some of your appropriate items. Be abiding to use altered agreeable and ethics than the professor. Do not copy-and-paste the professor's antecedent cipher into your file. This sometimes leads to concealed errors in the cipher (this becomes actual important in the Javascript assignment). Instead, blazon all your cipher by hand. This is an important convenance for all programmers. You can acquisition a account of abounding HTML tags here( In general, if you do not apperceive the HTML tag for something, a Google chase will advice (ex. chase "centered argument html"). For abounding credit, you charge abutting all your HTML tags. For example, <B> charge eventually abutting with </B>, <LI> charge eventually abutting with </LI>, etc. Required Items: Title (this is altered than a heading) (100 points) Headings of two altered sizes (ex. h1, h2, h3, etc.) (50 credibility each) Colored accomplishments (other than white) (100 points) "Mailto" articulation to your email abode (100 points) Hyperlink to addition website (must use a URL, not a book path) (100 points) Bold argument and italic argument (50 credibility each) Centered argument (100 points) Horizontal band (aka "horizontal rule") (100 points) Ordered account (numbered list) and unordered account (bulleted list) (50 credibility each) A alive picture. Charge use http for the articulation rather than a bounded reference. (I'll explain this allotment in class, or you can attending at the archetype page.) (100 points) Note: Your web folio charge be uploaded to your public_html binder and the index.html charge be submitted to Canvas. Uploading: Download and install a Secure Book Transfer Protocol (SFTP) program, such as Cyberduck, which you can download from the Files area of the chic portal. To install Cyberduck for Mac, accessible the Cyberduck zip book to actualize To install Cyberduck for Windows, run the Cyberduck installer Click "Open Connection" in the top larboard corner Change "FTP (File Transfer Protocol)" to "SFTP (SSH Book Transfer Protocol)" and afresh enter: Server: Username: your UCSC username Password: your UCSC dejected password Click "Connect." If an "Unknown Fingerprint" admonishing comes up, bang "Allow" Select the "public_html" folder. Note: Do not delete, rename, or move the public_html folder. It is a appropriate binder created by the UCSC IT department. To upload your website to the internet, artlessly annoyance and bead your index.html book from your computer into the public_html window. Remember, annihilation you upload is about accessible online for anybody. Also, whatever book is called "index.html" becomes your homepage (hence the accent of allotment your book index.html). If you appetite to upload any alternative files (ex. a account to accommodate on your website), annoyance that book to public_html as well. That book can be accessed/referenced at the URL (replace "username" with your UCSC username and alter "filename" with the name of your uploaded file, like "cat.jpg") Now appointment your website alive on the internet by activity to (replace "username" with your UCSC username). If you appetite to amend your website, aloof change your HTML cipher in your index.html book and annoyance it into public_html afresh (overwrite the antecedent index.html). Extra Credit: Add your website advertisement to the UCSC agenda of alone websites (click on "add, update, or abolish your entry" and chase the steps). (100 points) Final Step: Upload your index.html book to Canvas and adhesive a articulation to your webpage in the comments field. Your index.html book should be accessible both at and on Canvas for abounding credit. (Only upload the index.html book - you do not charge to upload any associated account files.)

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