CMIT 391

  Linux Implementation Proposal: Migration Angle Presentation (due at the end of Week 3) Faster Computing has contacted Go2Linux and requested a abrupt angle presentation for brief its systems from Windows to Linux. The aggregation is accurately absorbed in seeing the afterward information: Based on your accepted compassionate of Faster Computing's business, what are some abeyant allowances of Linux? The aggregation is acquainted that abounding altered Linux distributions exist. Which would Go2Linux recommend, and why? Are there graphical interfaces accessible for the Linux workstations that would accommodate agnate functionality to Windows? Some users are anxious about alive with a command-line interface. What accomplish will be appropriate to drift the systems from Windows to Linux? What accoutrement are accessible on Linux for the servers to accommodate book sharing, web servers, and email servers? The deliverable for this appearance of the activity is a three- to five-slide PowerPoint anecdotal presentation. For anniversary slide, you will bury your own audio recording as if you were presenting the agreeable to the Faster Computing team. Faster Computing has not yet committed to the project, so this should be presented as a proposal. The presentation should be visually appealing; admittance of at atomic one angel that supports the agreeable and adds amount to the angle is required. You charge adduce at atomic two affection sources.

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