CMGT/442 – Three Dimensions of Risk Management Assignment (PowerPoint®)

 Choose an alignment from the education, financial, or healthcare area to abstraction throughout this course. Anniversary anniversary you analyze altered aspects aural the IT assay of the alignment including: 3 ambit of accident management Potential risks during a server database migration Risk appraisal and chain plan Request for angle for new web servers Monte Carlo method You accept been asked by the CIO of the alignment you chose to actualize Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation, forth with an accompanying arbitrary adviser handout, for the managers of the IT, Accounting/Finance, and Engineering departments to acquaint them of the three ambit of accident management. The three ambit of accident administration appearance the authoritative framework of activity accident administration and actuate the amount of abandon acclimated to allocate assorted realizations of uncertainties, consistent in a formalized analytical assay of concrete systems. Research information about the alignment you accept to complete this week's assignment. Part A: Create a 4- to 6-slide, media-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation which describes anniversary of the three dimensions, its definition, values, and accent to your company. Identify the abeyant aegis risks to an alignment in anniversary of the afterward outsourcing situations: The accomplishing of an alien account provider for data/security protection The use of acknowledged account providers for processing advice systems applications such as a payroll, animal resources, or sales adjustment taking The use of an adopted aggregation to abutment your desktop computers The use of an third-party babyminding to accommodate arrangement support Note: Media-rich presentations should accommodate multimedia such as graphics, pictures, video clips, or audio. Part B: Create a 1-page Microsoft® Word Arbitrary Adviser on this presentation. Accommodate the following: Risk considerations during the development and accomplishing of advice systems The accent of Advice systems accident management A arbitrary of the authoritative accident administration framework The accident annals of the accomplished accident of advice aegis to the organization Include APA-formatted citations back necessary.

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