Cloud Summary

  You are a systems architect apprenticed to move The Grass is Greener, Inc. (GIG, Inc.) from their on-premises abstracts centermost to the cloud. GIG, Inc. is a ample agriculture aggregation that has outgrown their accepted IT structure. They accept a able online attendance that provides 50% of their new chump cartage and the acceptable online acquittal area for customers. Both of these front-ends are affiliated to a back-end database that houses analytical abstracts that includes inventory, scheduling, appraisement history, and claimed identifiable advice of their customers. Below are the company's requirements: The aggregation has a webserver and database that they absolutely appetite to move to the cloud. The arrangement will charge to be accessed from altered offices as able-bodied as in the field.  Secure arrangement connectivity to the ambiance is a must. They additionally accept a book server that they are because brief based on abiding costs. The aggregation keeps files for a aeon of 5 years for acquiescence reasons. Company administration is actual anxious about added technology costs. Last year, the aggregation absent several thousand annal due to a adamantine drive failure. They would like to ensure that any band-aid provided takes into annual back-up and reliability. Create a 3-page arbitrary in Microsoft Word that discusses the allowances and apropos of affective to a billow environment. Ensure you accommodate this advice in your summary: Costs Technology High akin architecture options (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS) Security Reliability Please chase APA guidelines.

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