Cloud Computing

  Submit a Word certificate that addresses anniversary of the following: Chapter 14 Define and call the adaptable web. Describe the altered ancestors of corpuscle phones. Describe how smartphones alter from accustomed corpuscle phones. Select a adaptable or acceptable website that interests you. Call the armpit in agreement of the ecosystem that makes up the site’s user experience. Describe how web pages alter from apps and how apps alter from widgets. Discuss why developers say that HTML5 will drive adaptable solutions. Describe some development best practices for designing solutions for the adaptable cloud. Chapter 15 Define accumulated governance. Discuss the contest that led up to the charge for added accumulated governance. Define business strategy. List bristles accessible business strategies. Discuss the purpose of the Capability Maturity Model. Define auditing. Define centralized ascendancy and accommodate an archetype of a control. Discuss the role Sarbanes/Oxley has played with account to accumulated governance. Define IT governance. List factors one should accede with account to administering the cloud. Your responses should be submitted as a Word certificate and the cardboard should attach to APA architecture and style. Your answers should be accounting in your own words. Include able citations to any sources you acclimated in your answers. The appointment is due at the end of the day on Sunday of anniversary 6.

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