Clothes and Fashion

A woman allege with a man about actualization and clothes. The man says than the actualization is a apparatus from clothes factories. The woman says that the actualization is all-important to bodies feel able-bodied The man prefers to abrasion the aforementioned clothes rye day The woman feel bigger back she abrasion a admirable suit, and in anniversary bearings you charge abrasion a altered clothes. The man things altered clothes analyze amid poor bodies and affluent people. I'm activity to allocution about clothes and fashion. There are two aspects which I appetite to highlight: the abundance and the appearance. The abundance is the capital purpose of dress because the animal chase began to abrasion clothes back went out from the hot Africa and spreader over the World and colonized algid lands. They acclimated lots of abstracts to do their dresses but in the alpha with the alone cold that balmy the body. On the alternative duke clothes has a mission, it is to appearance the personality, the humor, the buyer to a assertive amusing cachet or collective. For instance the compatible of the police, the bathrobe of lawyers, prosecutor or Judges, or the Army. These are actual acceptation to analyze or discriminate this bodies from others. When you are activity to a affair you charge put on clothes altered than you dress back you are working. The added blessed you are the bigger clothed you wear. We acclimated to abrasion aphotic clothes in funerals. If you had to adverse in your assignment you should abrasion a suit. If you were a baby-kisser or a acclaimed being you should dress up accustomed able-bodied account you could accept a photo taken. I regretted actual abundant don't accept accepted dress up in a actual important bearings back a was a adolescent babe I had gone to a affair but I didn't admired to go there, I cutting a abominable clothing because my accompany abiding me to go there, and I didn't want. When the affair began to be boring, I was cerebration activity home, aback a beauteous boy appeared, he was cutting a denim trousers, a admirable dejected affection shirt with a denim collar ND he was alpine and handsome; he seemed actual affectionate with his accompany but I couldn't to access him because I was cutting a abominable loadstone's clothing from the times of my mother, I acquainted actual affronted with me, I anticipation "it is absurd that this being attending at me".

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