Clinical Field Experience B: Pre-Assessment

  Allocate at atomic 3 hours in the acreage to abutment this acreage experience. Part 1: Pre-Assessment Development From your antecedent ascertainment in your acreage acquaintance classroom, you articular 3-5 students, above, at, or beneath accepted accomplishment in the classroom ambiance that would account from added acquirements support. You additionally articular the standards and assemblage that your coach chic is currently learning. With this information, complete the “Clinical Acreage Acquaintance B: Science Pre-Assessment” to advance a pre-assessment in the science and bloom agreeable breadth that aligns to the standards and assemblage that your coach abecedary aggregate with you during Clinical Acreage Acquaintance A. The pre-assessment can be oral, written, or completed through technology. The pre-assessment should analyze how able-bodied called acceptance apperceive the abstraction and accommodate abstracts that would acquiesce you to actuate acquirements gaps and needs in adjustment to advance an adapted assignment to abutment acquirements needs. Share the pre-assessment with your coach abecedary and ask for his or her feedback. Implement the pre-assessment that you created with the called accumulation of acceptance and use the abstracts to adapt for Clinical Acreage Acquaintance C. Use any actual acreage acquaintance hours to allege with your coach abecedary and, provided permission, seek out opportunities to beam and/or abetment your coach abecedary and/or assignment with a baby accumulation of acceptance on apprenticeship in the classroom.  Part 3: Reflection In 250-500 words, abridge and reflect on your acreage acquaintance and the accomplish you took to analyze acceptance for the pre-assessment. For your reflection, abode the following: Did the pre-assessment accommodate abstracts to actuate the acquirements gaps and needs of students? Explain. Describe the ethical use of assessments and appraisal data. What challenges did you face back developing and carrying the pre-assessment? Explain how you will use your allegation in your approaching able practice.

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