Clinical Experience Reflective

Due Date: Week 13 Final Reflection: Final Absorption As addition division comes to an end, it is a acceptable time to reflect on your adventures and your learning. To abridge your adventures in this course, we would like you to abode up a 5-10 folio cardboard about your adventures in this class. It should abode three capital areas: 1. Your anew acquired ability of applied nursing. Anticipate aback to back you started this course; anticipate about what you knew about applied nursing. Call what you abstruse and what you would still like to learn. This area should call how your account about 1 or 2 capacity afflicted as a aftereffect of demography this course. Were they capacity you blurred ahead that you feel you accept bigger now? Were they capacity that you acquainted were not accordant to your activity that you are animated you abstruse added about? How has acquirements about these capacity afflicted your cerebration about applied nursing or interprofessional convenance in general? 2. Anew acquired ability about you as a learner. This area should call your adventures as a apprentice in this course. What did you do able-bodied as a apprentice in this advance and what did not go absolutely as able-bodied as you expected? What admonition will you accord yourself as you booty on alternative courses? 136 George Brown College Applied Nursing COURSE NAME: Applied Nursing Clinical Applications I COURSE CODE: NURS 1029 3. Claimed reflection. This area should abode your claimed adventures in the course. What did you apprentice about yourself as a person? If you could attending at yourself through the eyes of your professor, what would you appetite your assistant to apperceive about your advance as a person, a apprentice and a apprentice applied assistant over the advance of the semester? Call one claiming you faced in this advance and how you handled it (did you affected it? How? If not, why not? ) Process: 1. Application 3 resources/ able journals affiliated to applied nursing or interprofessional practice, you are to abode a cogitating article on your role as a affiliate of the interprofessional team, applied nursing, axis approach into practice. 2. The essay’s breadth is not to beat a minimum bristles pages and best ten pages, presented professionally in 12 chantry Times New |Roman, bifold agreement application actual spelling and syntax. 3. A Reference Folio charge be included in your essay, application the APA referencing method. Grade: 20% *based on allocation rubric

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