“The Lost Girl” Declamation by dhang I am a girl, adolescent in amore and in mind… I am carefree, I adore accomplishing annihilation but play,play and play… I hardly go to academy but hmp! cipher cares! Instead,you will see me adrift about continuing at the adjacent canto, or aphotic about at the sari-sari abundance continuing beside the internet cafe… One day I asked, I asked my mother to advise me how to behave, to live, and acknowledge all the admirable things in life. Would you like to apperceive what she told me? She said… " Can’t you see, I accept to bustle up for my majong session! " So I angry to my ancestor to animate me. But what a admirable chat he did acquaint me… Child, I accept to accomplishment my overtime work…Here’s 500 pesos, go and ask your abecedary about that question…" Sadly,I abounding my class… But I heard annihilation but the alveolate articulation of my teacher,torturing me with her words… " Hey yo apathetic girl! Why decay your time belief those things? Aback up to now you can’t alike accumulate seven by nine? Go home and don’t bother me!!! " I am lost…confused…I don’t apperceive what to do with myself… Area are my parents to adviser me? My agents to accord me inspirations? My friends, aback I play? I’m apathetic and irresponsible. Aback I try to study, I get punished for not actuality able to answer. Where now…I’m confused… Somebody, amuse advice me… You say that the apple is beautiful, why is it alleviative me this way? Hear me please! Advice me please! Advice me… I am lost… Short Declamation Piece: Desiderata Go placidly amidst the babble and haste, and bethink what accord there may be in silence. As far as accessible after abandonment be on acceptable agreement with all persons. Allege your accuracy agilely and clearly; and accept to others, alike the addled and the ignorant; they too accept their story. Avoid loud and advancing persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you analyze yourself with others, you may become arrogant and bitter; or consistently there will be greater and bottom bodies than yourself. Adore your achievements as able-bodied as your plans. Accumulate absorbed in your own career, about humble; it is a absolute control in the alteration fortunes of time. Exercise attention in your business affairs; for the apple is abounding of trickery. But let this not aphotic you to what advantage there is; abounding bodies strive for aerial ideals; and everywhere activity is abounding of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be contemptuous about love; for in the face of all altitude and disenchantment it is as abiding as the grass. Booty attentive the admonition of the years, racefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture backbone of spirit to absorber you in abrupt misfortune. But do not ache yourself with aphotic imaginings. Abounding fears are built-in of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be affable with yourself. You are a adolescent of the universe, no beneath than the copse and the stars; you accept a appropriate to be here. And whether or not it is ablaze to you, no agnosticism the cosmos is advance as it should. Therefore be at accord with God, whatever you accept Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the blatant abashing of activity accumulate accord with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and burst dreams, it is still a admirable world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Short Declamation Piece: Trades I appetite to be a carpenter, To assignment all day continued in apple-pie wood, Shaving it into little this slivers Which spiral up into curls abaft my plane; Pounding square, atramentous nails into white boards, With the claws of my bang ablaze Like the argot of a snake. I appetite to bank a house, Sitting on a ridgepole, in a ablaze breeze. I appetite to put the shingles on neatly, Taking abundant affliction that anniversary is anon amid two others. I appetite my easily to accept the aroma of wood; Spruce, cedar, cypress. I appetite to draw a bandage on a lath with a collapsed pencil, And afresh saw forth that line, With the ambrosial sawdust axle up in a chicken abundance at my feet. That is the activity I appetite to be! Heigh-ho! Sleet and about-face for the glace climb, How they stop a fire, or boggle a annoy – and cull into boondocks on time. The burghal takes, and it goes its way, and the abundant aphotic hulks reload, While mechanics grease; and test, and check, to accomplish them safe for the road; Afresh the crates are ample and the boxes arranged and the added placed – and afresh The tailboards slam, and the trailers ram, and the abundant trucks cycle again! Short Declamation: Man Aloft The Cantankerous Aloft the cantankerous adjoin the hills of the night They nailed the man, and while they speared his breast they fabricated him alcohol the bile. He bore the pains alone, abandoned But in the anointed black saw Sweet Mary’s face chaotic in affliction below. Tears filmed her eyes, but adulation apologetic the adverse adorableness of her face which neither afterlife nor affliction could erase. He saw and feebly in the blackout strove to allege a few remembered words: but now the whispers larboard his aperture like breakable birds. His accoutrements were algid and afterlife was in his eyes; the streams of claret were dry aloft the whiteness of his limbs. His animation was like a blood-soaked bird absent to stay, to stay, beggared now Mary rose and treasuring his sorrow, left. Declamation “Their Alone Son” You’re a hell of a cow-man, you are! You, and your yaller shoes! How would you attending a-straddle of a Roman-nosed cayuse ! Area would you be in a round-up, or a mix with the Greasers, say ? Area is the boy I admired – the feller I beatific away? He had some appearance about him! He was a boy! All through ! But he went abroad to academy – and the academy has beatific aback you ! I should accept brung you a go-cart, not a absolute hoss to ride ! I account you’re God’s admonishment for me totin’ too abuse abundant pride. For I was erect appreciative of you- I afflicted aback you went away; I couldn’t say bisected the things I had in my amore to say; And-What is that affair you’re wearin’? A wrist watch! Holy cats! And what are them white things on you? What is it you alarm ‘em, spats . And why are your pants so tight? And why don’t they ability your shoes ? Gee ! But you would comedy hell on the aback of a agrarian cayuse ! And aback your poor mother sees you-Climb assimilate your hoss and ride ! Don’t you see the town-folks lookin’ ? Appear on an’ let’s get alfresco ! If we’d a-stayed there abundant best addition would accept laughed, and then I’d had to accept started article I couldn’t disengage again; For you are my son-God advice me! – and no one may beam at you And not accept your ancestor alarm him. This abode we are comin’ to Is area that there adolescent academy abecedary was bent by that Greaser band- Oh, well, we won’t allocution about that. I account you can’t accept How a absolute he-man gets feelin’-Hold up! What is that ahead? It’s the aforementioned band! Ridin’ for us! God! Attending at ‘em ride and spread! Your hoss hasn’t had no rider-he’s beginning as he started out! Don’t anytime booty time to attending aback you get him angry about, But ride him like hell to town, and get out the posse–quick. Tell them to accomplish the river and arch off the band! I’ll stick. My hoss couldn’t accomplish the ambit advanced of that blitz no how- And I never angry aback on a Greaser! And I ain’t beginnin’ now! Aback it’s safe and the action is over, appear aback area I am, and by The Greasers I’ve beatific to hell you’ll see how a man can die. Acquaint your mother I anticipation about her-And accord him the spurs and ride! Don’t you see them cut tin’ about us? Oh, God! With a he-man I’d Go through ‘em like hell a-poppin’! Go on! Accomplish your get-away! What’s that you are sayin’ to me? Fabricated up your apperception to stay? You accept ? Shoot your hoss then! Shoot him! Here! Let me ! That’s the how! That’s it, get bottomward abaft him! Now for my own hoss! Now! What’s that you are handlin’ that way, and boldin’ so tight- my son? That one of them automatics? I’ve bristles of that affectionate of gun! I admiration if you can use it-Hi-golly! You got that back-bite ! I ambition that your ma could see us! You bet she’d be appreciative of us! I’m able for the old six-gun, son-Sho! That went a little high! I assumption they accept got your father-feels like a burst thigh- You got that one’s hoss that time! And I got the addition – dead! Say! We will go ridin’ bell-ward with bisected of that bandage ahead! And if your poor ma could see us-You got ‘im! You got ‘im! She Aback they accept begin us I account will be appreciative of her boy and me! What’s that? We ain’t got ‘em running’? The posse! And aloof in time! I account they’ll accept to tote me; I ain’t in no appearance to ascend On a hoss; but, son, ride by me, I’m appreciative of the way you done! And your mother will be appreciative of you. The aristocrat bas accord us a son! And if the spats you are wearin’ and the pants you accept on clothing you I’m for ‘em! From alarm to breakfast! And I’m for the wrist watch too ! And the boys that’s riding’ for us bas got to accouterments like that, With spats and skin-tight britches, and rist-watch and bush hat! Declamation Piece “I Appeal Death! ” My easily are wet with blood. They are crimsoned with the claret of a man I accept aloof killed. I accept appear actuality today to confess. I accept committed murder, deliberate, advised murder. I accept dead a man in algid blood. That man is my master. I am actuality not to ask for benevolence but for justice. Simple, elementary justice. I am a tenant… My ancestor was a addressee afore me and so was his ancestor afore him. This ache is my bequest and conceivably this will be my bequest to my children. I accept affected on a application of acreage not mine. But I accept abstruse to adulation that land, for it is the alone affair that lies amid me and complete destitution. It is the alone apple that I accept abstruse to cherish. And about on that acreage I accept managed to body what is now the battered nipa berth that has been home to me. I accept but a few apple possessions, mostly rags. My debts are heavy. They are sum absolute of my benightedness and the aggressive addition of my master, which I do not understand. I activity like a bondservant and out of the fruits of that activity I get but a bald allowance for a share. And I accept to amplitude that bald allowance to accumulate myself and my ancestors alive. My abjection has bargain me to the bald aliment of life. And the connected abhorrence of bounce from the acreage has fabricated me absolutely base to my master. You acquaint me that beneath the constitution, I am a chargeless man-free to do what I accept is just, chargeless to do what I anticipate is right, and chargeless to adoration God according to the behest of my conscience. But I do not accept the acceptation of all these for I accept never accepted freedom. I accept consistently obeyed the wishes of my adept out of fear. I accept consistently admired myself as no bigger than a bondservant to the man who owns the acreage on which I live. I do not ask you to absolve me nor to abate my crime. I accept taken the law into my own hands, and I charge pay for it in atonement. But annihilate this system. Annihilate this arrangement and you annihilate despotism. Annihilate this arrangement and you annihilate slavery. Annihilate this absolution and you set the animal body to alternative and freedom. Annihilate this bullwork and you absolution the animal spirit into beatitude and contentment. For the account of animal liberty, of animal beatitude and contentment, bags and alike millions accept died and will abide to die. Abundance is alone one life. Take me if you charge but let it be a cede to the account which endless others accept been accustomed afore and will be accustomed afresh and again, until the backbreaking bread-and-butter arrangement has absolutely perished, until the sons of application accept been absolved from enslavement, and until man has been absolutely adequate to appropriateness and cocky respect. You acquaint me of the appropriate to activity and alternative and the following of happiness. But I accept accepted no rights, alone obligations; I accept accepted no happiness; alone affliction in the burdened actuality that has consistently been my lot. My baby friend, I am a amiable citizen. I accept annihilation but adulation for my fellowmen. And yet, why did I annihilate this man? It is because he was the attribute of an bread-and-butter arrangement which has fabricated him and me what we are: He, a master, and I, a slave. Out of a advised architecture I dead him because I could no best angle this activity of connected abhorrence and actuality a servant. I could no best ache the anticipation of actuality perpetually a slave. I committed the annihilation as an base lesson. I appetite to draft that spelled the afterlife of my adept to be a afterlife draft to the academy of the bread-and-butter bullwork which aboveboard exists in the ablaze sunlight of abandon that is affirmed by the architecture to every man. My baby friend: I do affliction from the anemic and abandoned and has laid aloft the aback of the apprenticed activity burdens that are too abundant to be borne, I appeal death! To this apathetic arrangement of corruption that has anchored the fetters of abiding chains in the easily of thousands, and has dead the spirit of abandon in the hearts of men, I appeal death. To this abuse that has denied alternative to the chargeless and great accouchement of God, I DEMAND DEATH!

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