Classical Tragedy

Before you activate autograph your altercation post, assay the Module 1 Writer's Workshop, "Learning to Write a One-Paragraph Altercation About Literature."Respond to this altercation action by amalgam a one-paragraph altercation about one of the afterward topics:the exposition, complication, acme of Oedipus Rex;the axial battle of Oedipus Rex;one of the characters of Oedipus Rex;the action of the choir in Oedipus Rex; orone of the ascendant capacity of Oedipus Rex.Once you accept called a topic:Make a affirmation about how the arcane elements are cogent in the assigned classical Greek tragedy. Alternatively, you may altercate the accord amid two of these elements in the play.Add affirmation to abutment your affirmation in the anatomy of a citation from the adventure to allegorize the point you are making.Add assay by answer how your adduce proves or illustrates your claim.

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