Classical Leadership Theory in Action (6-8 pages)

(Per Appointment II  - administer the guidelines and conventions from the APA Guidelines.  Submit your appointment via Safe Assign in editable Microsoft Word format. Be abiding to use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-space throughout, cardinal pages in the lower right-hand corner, and accommodate acknowledging evidence/citations from the texts listed on the advance abridgement (other cited sources are not acceptable). Use dispassionate, third actuality articulation instead of aboriginal or additional person.  Please accredit absorbed ability point slides. Note the focus of the appointment is to explain your recommended administration access "fix", why it is recommended, and how it is accumbent with specific classical administration notions. Be abiding to accommodate citations/evidence to abutment your cold assay and assertions.)  Assignment II. (Select one of the afterward scenarios):     Classical Administration Access in Action: Appointment III will calculation as 70 percent of your grade. Classical Administration Access in Action:  6-8 pages of text, 12 point font, Times New Roman font. Subheadings are encouraged (but not required) and citations to the advance readings and lectures are appropriate in APA format. No alternative alfresco sources or advice is accustomed to be used. Papers cartoon from alfresco sources will accept an automated C.      Please note: While the accommodation of how you “fix” these scenarios are important (e.g. they accept to accomplish sense, reflect a amount of applied accuracy, and be applicative to the situation), what this cardboard is anxious about primarily is how you administer the attempt of classical administration theory.  Therefore, you charge acutely explain the account you administer and how and why you administer those account or administration approaches i.e., appearance how and why the ideas/leadership access you baddest band up with classical administration notions.         Scenario 1: Over the accomplished seven years, K-12 Commune has gone from one of the best districts to the  worst. Test scores, which at one time were the accomplished in the state, are now the lowest, and there seems to be no movement upwards.  Parent captivation charcoal high, but best parents now feel powerless. The commune has ten schools: bristles elementary, three middle, and two aerial schools. There are a complete of 540 teachers, ten principals, 20 carnality principals, and ten advice counselors. Abecedary assurance is acutely low, with acclimatized agents abandonment or backward at aerial rates; the academy lath is abounding with centralized animosity and ability struggles as nepotism, politically motivated cadre decisions, and a boodle arrangement are now accepted practice.  The administrator has sided with the band he believes is added anxious with advance of the schools. He has approved to breach the log-jam by advance complete ascendancy over all hiring/firings, ordered added PD for teachers, has assassin added abecedary aides, bargain spending in all alternative account areas, and has assassin several of his connected ancestors associates in the district.  These efforts accept been met with threats of actuality removed from appointment for attempting to avoid the ascendancy of the academy board, commune hiring policies, and the school-level leadership.    Scenario 2:  A 150 year old clandestine Christian (mostly advanced arts) university is on the border of closing its doors.  XYZ University’s President, Dr. Smith, has served for seven years and is a admired alum of the university.  Under his leadership, the academy has taken on massive debt and has aloof funds from its award at unsustainable levels to supplement the operating budget.  President Smith has fostered a altitude of ailing antagonism amid his administration aggregation of six carnality presidents  – angry abhorrence and antagonism absolute amid those officers.     Each authoritative administration aural the university is self-contained, with about no alternation with the alternative departments.  It has an award of 150 actor dollars and an anniversary operating amount of 60 actor dollars.   It has a apprentice acceptance of 2,000 undergrads and 1,500 alum students, but acceptance has apparent signs of stagnation and pockets of baby declines over the accomplished bristles  years.  Additionally, institutional markers for success accept connected to abatement which include, boilerplate ACT scores, boilerplate aerial academy GPA, and university assimilation rates.  The abridgement of advance has resulted in an accretion cardinal of acceptance who charge adorning apprenticeship courses.  However, the Carnality Admiral for Bookish Affairs has resisted the charge to actualize a new adorning apprenticeship affairs and instead, has asked anniversary bookish administration to blot this responsibility.     Over the accomplished six years, Admiral Smith has boarded on a architecture attack that has added seven new buildings, three of which are abode halls, three are math, science, and abstruse training barrio (STEM) with accompaniment of the art technology, and one is a new able-bodied facility.  The abode halls are not at accommodation and the acceptance of STEM majors has been apathetic to abound alike with the new accessories and added faculty.      Faculty assurance in STEM accompanying departments is high, but low amid the blow of the faculty. Alone the STEM adroitness accept accustomed pay raises in the accomplished bristles years.  Older adroitness and authoritative agents associates are agitated at the starting pay for new hires as able-bodied as the cardinal of adjuncts bare to advise the growing cardinal of abstruse training classes.      The Lath of Trustees is breach apropos the approaching of the institution.   • A accumulation aural the Lath of Trustees is adulatory to abutting the doors of the academy and about-face the campus into an abetting of larger, adjacent accompaniment school.  • Another band is angry the admiral over his affairs to body added and is blame for budgetary responsibility.  • A third band wants to accumulate the doors accessible by acceleration the acceptance and accretion the ability of the school’s carnality admiral to serve as a analysis adjoin the president.     Scenario 3: A bounded business, ATR, which advisers over 2,000 bodies and generates about 50 actor dollars in accumulation anniversary year, afresh acquired a new business, that of a above competitor, Beta inc. The anniversary accumulation of the afresh acquired Beta was 35 actor dollars, but profits accept been crumbling in contempo years.    Both businesses accomplish and advertise agnate products. The acquirement amount was 10 actor dollars. Beta advisers over 1,000 people. It had aloof filed for defalcation afterwards it was apparent that Beta’s CEO and Lath had embezzled funds. The Lath of the beyond ATR was afraid to access Beta, with the abstraction of purchasing the aggregation casual by alone 1 vote.  Morale at ATR is high, but abounding of those advisers are aflutter that accepting the Beta will aftereffect in absent jobs, abeyant bread-and-butter troubles for the company, and added antagonism for promotions. Assurance at the anew acquired Beta is actual low, and abounding are assured to lose their jobs in the acquisition, and best apprehend that discrimination will be apparent to the advisers of the beyond ATR.  Upon added inspection, it has been bent that abundant of the technology and accouterment acclimated at Beta is anachronous and in atrocious charge of repair.    

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