Class in the 20th & 21st Century : Write a response with 450-500 words.

-Analyze three primary abstracts to advance an altercation about how an aspect of or abstraction about chic has afflicted (or not changed) over time in the United States. Before alpha the script, apprehend the accessory sources and attending through the primary documents.   -As allotment of your argument, explain how your assay of the abstracts adds to or challenges the advice and account about chic at atomic two of the accessory sources assigned for the unit.  -MUST USE both primary and accessory sources in response -Cite all your sources (primary and secondary) application APA appearance at the end of the essay.  -Script should be 450-500 words. Secondary Sources: ( 7 articles) From The American Yawp: "The lived acquaintance of the Abundant Depression," "The acceleration of the suburbs," "Lyndon Johnson's Abundant Society," "Deindustrialization and the acceleration of the sunbelt," "The ache index," "Bad times and acceptable times," "The abundant recession." (Citation, Locke, J. and Write, B, eds. (2017). The American yawp. Retrieved from Primary Sources: (3 articles) Feke, R. (1741). Royall Family. [Painting]. Retrieved from

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