Class 2 Unit 4 Comment 2

 The McGill Model of Nursing is a access that looks at the accommodating as a accomplished being and not aloof through the eyes of ache and sickness.  This access helps analyze the accommodating with admiring ancestors associates complex in the care, as an alone person, and as a being with desires and goals in activity (Wright & Gross, 2012).  A abstraction conducted on the end of activity affliction on patients application the McGill Model, focused the abstraction on ancestors associates of dying patients and how the alteration from booze to auberge affliction afflicted them.  Furthermore, the abstraction appear the APN’s alteration with the ancestors from accepting achievement of extenuative the accommodating to award accord in the dying accommodating (Wright & Gross, 2012). The APN walks through this alteration with the accommodating and ancestors consistently celebratory the needs of the accommodating and ancestors while authoritative abiding all the medical needs are meant as well.  

The Gestalt Access is based on a person’s acumen of a bearings or event.  This access focuses on an accident that bodies acquaintance calm but how abnormally anniversary being can apperceive the accident (Butts & Rich, 2013, p 210).  People tend to clarify what they see and acquaintance abnormally from one addition abundant like back a ancestors goes through the afterlife of a admired one.  Each ancestors affiliate shows altered affections or has altered perspectives for example, one being may be affronted and affronted of the bearings while addition ability be the one at accord with it (Shaha, et el., 2011). 

Even admitting these two theories are altered they both can be activated by the APN.  The McGill Model looks at the accommodating and the ancestors associates complex in patients affliction as if they are all the aforementioned whereas, the Gestalt Access focuses on individuals acumen of the aforementioned bearings but appreciates the altered angle of anniversary person.  These theories authenticate a holistic access on caring for the accommodating and can accommodate added allusive affliction back combined. 

 (Butts, J. B., & Rich, K. L. (2013). Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Convenance (2nd ed). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Shaha, M., Cox, C. L., Belcher, A., & Cohen, M. Z. (2011). Transitoriness: patients' acumen of activity afterwards a analysis of cancer: Maya Shaha and colleagues altercate the accent of compassionate how bodies appear to agreement with the certitude of activity in the ambience of evidence-based care. Blight Nursing Practice, (4), 24.

Wright, D. K., & Gros, C. P. (2012). Access aggressive convenance for end-of-life blight care: An analysis of the McGill Model of Nursing. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal, 22(3), 175-181.

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