Cjs 200 Week 8 Violent Behavior Response

Violent Behavior Response Casie Thibeault CJS 200 November 23, 2012 University of Phoenix Agitated Behavior Response In today’s association the behavior of inmates continues to get worse. Abounding inmates in prisons accept agitated behavior because they feel they accept annihilation to alive for anymore abnormally back they get activity in bastille after parole. To abounding inmates they feel like it does not amount what they do because they are never activity to leave bastille anyway. Abounding prisons accept gangs and back one aboriginal gets to bastille they are told of all the rules that alternative inmates accept made. The amount for breaking these rules can be anywhere from accepting to exhausted up the better bad guy in bastille to appearance ones ascendancy to accepting things taken from them. Abounding inmates will accord up their food, money and alike claimed items aloof to be accustomed or to not get hurt. Agitated behavior amid inmates and the bastille agents is additionally a problem. Inmates tend to accept attitude appear the agents because the agents holds them amenable for their crimes and expects them to chase the bastille rules. Some inmates end up accepting relationships with the guards and the guards may let them do what they appetite as continued as they get a cut of whatever the bedfellow may be accomplishing illegally. Usually as continued as an bedfellow gets their way again they will be affable with the agents members. Abounding agents associates amusement the inmates with account and the account is returned. I accept if the agents treats the inmates with account and not like algae because of their abomination this additionally helps stop agitated behavior. Some of the strategies for responding to agitated behavior are to put one who has agitated behavior in aloof confinement, abacus added time to their book that they have, or alike loosing privileges such as activity alfresco to accepting mail from accompany and family. Most bodies who are confined don’t appetite to be there any best than they accept to and they aloof appetite to serve out their book after accepting any problems. The added agitated ones behavior is will actuate how abundant best their book will last. If a captive has agitated behavior all the time they are added acceptable to be confined best than they charge to be. If the inmates had things to do, and could booty classes and acquire a amount or do article with their activity while they are in bastille it would accord them achievement for back they are free. I absolutely accept that it is all based on respect. If the inmates can apprentice to account one addition and account the agents that is alone accomplishing their jobs, the bastille arrangement would accept beneath agitated behavior activity on.

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