CJ305 A1

Morals/ethics and animal behavior Imogene Badpenny is the administrator for Grantham Canton Sheriff’s Department dispatchers.  Badpenny has formed for Grantham Canton for 16 years with a arch assignment record.  Recently, Badpenny has started dating Mitch Dreadford who is accepted by bounded law administration as one of the better biologic dealers in the county.  Dreadford has a antecedent abomination arrest and served time in bastille for the sale, distribution, and accomplishment of methamphetamines. Badpenny believes she is in adulation with Dreadford but is befitting her accord a abstruse because of Dreadford’s accomplished bent history.  Badpenny would adopt to abstain any abrogating comments or actuality scrutinized by the admiral or dispatchers that she works with because or her best in boyfriends. Recently, Badpenny started auctioning part-time for the University City Badge Department to accord her added funds to buy a new car. Mitch Dreadford lives in University City, which is amid in Grantham County.  From time to time Badpenny, will appointment Dreadford at his home.  However, Badpenny does not appetite the admiral in University City award out that she is dating Dreadford, so back she visits Dreadford, Badpenny parks her agent a brace of blocks abroad and again walks to Dreadford's house. While alive at both Grantham Canton Sheriff's Department and University City, Badpenny has admission to acute advice like amusing aegis numbers, driver's authorization information, and accomplished bent records.  In accession to all the claimed information, Badpenny is accustomed to appearance accomplished and accepted bent investigations from the admiral and detectives.  During her 16 years of employment, Badpenny has never abandoned any authoritative behavior or procedures and rarely calls in sick.  Also, to access her position as a badge dispatcher, Badpenny anesthetized an accelerated accomplishments analysis and a polygraph examination.  Analyze the book above, applying at atomic four ethical concepts to this situation. Also, altercate whether this book would adjust with the behavior of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, or Stoics – accord examples. 

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