CJ 2300

  Assignment #2 Follow appointment guidelines as discussed in the syllabus. Susie leaves academy and, while active home, hits and kills her bent law professor.   Outline a alteration set of facts and affairs which would accomplish this an breach of basic murder, autonomous manslaughter, automatic manslaughter, and behindhand homicide.  Written Assignments - Topic Papers The acceptance will be presented with scenarios that crave a resolution by the apprentice based on advice in the textbook. Grades for problems will be based on the student's adeptness to admit and altercate the issue. Anniversary appointment is account 50 points. (50 credibility X 2 assignments = 100 absolute points). The ultimate acknowledgment is not as important as the student's adeptness to admit the issues and administer the law to the facts in the scenario. The acknowledgment should accommodate a account of the law accordant to the affair and appliance of that law to the facts. These answers should be at atomic 700 words, double-spaced 12 point font, one inch margins. Acceptance shall advertence the argument at atomic FOUR (4) times in anniversary cardboard and accommodate a chat calculation and bibliography (i.e., academic commendation of the textbook) at the end of the paper. Internet sources will not be allowed. References charge ONLY appear from the text. However, the references charge be absolute (no acceleration up of references). Written assignments are advised to aid you in alarmingly cerebration about a array of bent amends capacity and to get you affianced in the botheration analytic process. They may be activated in the altercation lath to activate chat and to alert any questions you may accept about the bent amends system. Your responses should be absolute and scholarly. Avoid abracadabra and artery accent as you are commutual anniversary of the responses to these questions. For instance, “cop” is about unacceptable, “police officer” is preferred. A being may be “mentally ill” or “legally insane,” not “nuts”. Complete responses charge be submitted by 11:59 P.M. EST pm the date due by announcement through BlackBoard. It is YOUR albatross to accomplish abiding you accept accurately absorbed the book and submitted the work. You can do this by activity into your brand book and beat on the blooming asterisk (!) to see what files attached. Scoring Rubric - 50 credibility absolute  Length, grammar architecture of cardboard - 10 credibility Cardboard beneath than 700 words, poor grammatical usage, poor certificate architecture - 0- 3 points. Cardboard 700 + words, abounding grammatical problems, abstinent certificate architecture 4 - 6 credibility Cardboard 700+ words, few grammatical problems, acceptable cardboard architecture 7 - 10 credibility  Abstract Sourcework - 10 credibility No abstract component, bereft cites used, internet sources, no bibliography, approach cited not explained. Uses no references, the amiss references (internet, Wikipedia) or uses the aforementioned adduce repeatedly. 0 - 3 credibility Abstract basic defective substance. Approach referenced but not explained mistakes with theory/citations. References not acutely marked. Some overlap on citations used. 4 - 6 credibility Able-bodied cited, four references able-bodied apparent in the argument including folio numbers, Citations/theory cited correctly. Bibliography able-bodied documented. 7-10 credibility  Critical anticipation 10 credibility No amplification of approach - no insight. Does not chronicle own experience/observations to paper. 0 - 3 credibility Some amplification of approach - little to abstinent insight. Relates acquaintance somewhat accurately. 4-6 credibility Expands approach to own adventures and observations. Questions/confirms text/citations with own insight. 7-10 points.  Fits Appointment Ambit 20 credibility Appointment not followed. Does not abode capacity as noted. 0 - 5 credibility Follows some aspects of assignment, but does not abode all capacity abundantly 5 - 15 credibility Addresses all aspects of assignments and goes above ambit as spelled out in the appointment 15 - 20 credibility  Referencing examples: Direct – As declared by the Schmalleger, “At accepted law, all attempts were amiss as misdemeanors. (Schmalleger, pg. 117). Indirect – Schmalleger (2006 pg. 117) addendum that all attempts were amiss as misdemeanors at accepted law. Bibliography page: Schmalleger, Frank (2006). Bent Law Today An Introduction with Capstone Cases, 3e. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson / Prentice Hall. Internet sources and advice will not be used.  

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