CJ 2

   Students will address a bookish cardboard that is a minimum of 8pages in length  .  The cardboard charge accommodate at atomic five, peer-reviewed sources that awning your called affair from the account below. Keep in apperception that 5 is the minimum.  A adequate affection analysis cardboard usually contains in balance of 10.  Sources should be beneath than 10 years old and if application statistical data, it should be beneath than 5 years old.  Do not balloon to use in argument citations to acclaim your sources.  Use of newspapers, account magazines, and agnate periodicals charge be kept to a minimum, and will be adequate alone as sources for added information.   References like “Wikipedia,” “Psychology Today,” and “Court TV” are not primary sources, are not associate advised (reviewed for empiric integrity, accuracy, and authenticity), and are not adapted references for bookish autograph (with the accessible barring of use for anecdotal accomplishments information). Research Cardboard Topics   Choose a affair accordant to animal assault.  Examples include: 1.  Sexual advance in the military 2.  Date Rape 3.  Marital Rape 4.  Homosexual Rape 5.  Prison Rape 6.  Child animal Assault 7.  Sadistic animal assault ."    

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