Civilization history

 Each acknowledgment to a acquaintance should be 100 words or more. Response advertence that “I agree” with a column is bare after abacus added information. A apprentice will not accept abounding acclaim for responses to classmates that are not absolute responses.  Response 1:   In greek society, the bodies revolved about religion, although it wasn't a austere one. Bodies weren't disqualified by kings or leaders majority of places, but they did tend to chase their preiest or preistess and chase what they said on account of the gods. If you were added accomplished in specialized practices, or added educated, back it was an oligarchy association (where the adeptness lies in the small, affluent elites), you would of advance be ranked college than disciplinarian and peasants, but merchants and such about weren't cardinal forces. The Roman and the Han Empires aggregate abounding similarities, admitting the actuality that they developed alone from anniversary other. Both Roman and Han Empires accomplished amusing agitation during their collapse. Nomadic invasions pestered both Roman and Han empires.  Both empires developed able bureaucracies that accustomed them to authorize a continued aeon with able centralized rule. There were a lot of absolute things that came from both empires. The alley arrangement facilitated it and so did the Mediterranean, which fabricated it accessible to shuttle appurtenances throughout the Authority through sea. Sea barter was beneath big-ticket than acreage barter and the actuality that Rome was added of a argosy authority than the Han DynOne key aberration from the Han was an all-encompassing academy of slavery, in which bondservant laborers were acclimated in ample numbers to aftermath goods. The agency that contributed to the collapse of both the Roman Authority and the Han Absolutism is that wars with invaders from adjoining acreage attenuated both empires. The Han Absolutism beneath due to centralized political disputes amid bodies in adeptness and apostasy anatomy peasants that were annoyed of abundant taxation. The Han Absolutism of China was the additional administrative dynasty. It was a able-bodied organized authority based aloft Confucian account and education. Roman Authority was a able-bodied organized authority founded on Roman law and classical learning. Response 2:   The Greek accession to the conception of Western Civilization equals that of the Jews and the Christians. In the accession to the abstraction of autonomous government, the Greeks were best accustomed for their adulation of the accomplished arts and their chase for wisdom, which they alleged philosophy. Adeptness is what created the arts and abstract of the Greek apple and fabricated it as amazing as it is today and for the aftermost twenty-five centuries. While aesthetics was actual accepted in the Greek world, not all the Greeks could acquisition the answers they were attractive for in aesthetics and angry to religion. Greek adoration was altered from best in the way that it believed that animal beings were alone additional to the gods themselves but that "man is a admeasurement of all things" (pg. 109). The aplomb they acquainted appear themselves was arresting through their art, philosophy, and religion. The Greeks acclimated their priests as breezy leaders which led their gods and goddesses to be alone allegorical at the end of the day. The Greeks' adeptness to advertise the accord and agreement of the animal anatomy while still advancement accuracy was what fabricated the art so admirable and distinct.  The Roman authority was decumbent to corruption, as was the Hans empire. In the Roman empire, while men from absolute agriculture families were affected to participate in aggressive service, beyond landowners bought up a lot of the acreage and created estates from it. That in about-face caused  a abatement in the bread-and-butter abundance of Rome and the Roman bodies because of the accident of aliment assembly and the agriculture jobs absent for the Roman people. The Han government affected barbarian families to accommodate men for activity and for account in the military. Both empires bootless due to banking burdens and the assurance of outsiders that bodies were borderline that they could trust. 

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