Civil engineering/ Transportation and society

  The  paper is  required to be a m aximum 4 pages  (excluding cover, tables, abstracts and references). It must  be typed, single -spaced , times new roman  or serif chantry admeasurement 12.  Please baddest one of the afterward topics: 1. Transportation assurance and accessible alley users 2. Transportation appeal management 3. Urban eco nomics for cartage congestion 4. A bind of Accessible Transportation: Is BRT a appropriate solution?  5. Better transportation -land use planning for alteration aggressive development   6. Importance of Freight in Florida and its appulse in the State’s economy  7. Assessing the imp act of busline in accessible health 8. The approaching of busline with affiliated and free vehicles Follow these requirements so that you do not lose points. You charge accommodate in your paper: • Cover folio with title, name, chic name, date and keywords • Introduction/background section • Main content/body section • Conclusions/Findings/Discussion section • References: Minimum of 5 trustworthy (i.e. not Wikipedia , not accidental internet sites, and not  class address material, etc. ) articles /reports (preferably associate advised account articles and/or  State or U.S. DOT reports ) on the accountable of your best (from the account above) .  Submit the commodity in MS Word document through Canvas. Online acquiescence only. The cardboard will be  checked for appropriation application Turnitin software .

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