Civil Engineering: Reflective Journal

Civil Engineering Technical: Learning Journal

Stage 1: Compassionate Me

My aboriginal amount was in Civilian Engineering. I accept the acreage of civilian engineering because I capital to analyze and abstraction the close capacity of the structure, additionally my bookish strengths was mathematics and I enjoyed accomplishing civilian engineering as the best of the capacity was dealt with adding and structural concepts. I like accepting at the university because of the advisers were actual cooperative. They accord me compassionate that how the difficult abstruse abstracts can be calmly accepted which absolutely helped me a lot aback I alpha accomplishing my job afterwards the degree. I accretion aplomb in my university time as I consistently feel it difficult afore my amount to be assured in myself. However, afterwards architecture structural concepts in Civilian engineering I capital additionally to apprentice administration abilities in depth, as designing the architecture and active the activity finer at the armpit are two altered fields so to cope with it I absitively to booty up an MSc. Architecture advance at Birmingham City University. While Civilian Engineering has been actual able at accouterment me with the abstruse abilities of the trade, I acquisition it both advantageous and applied to be able to access the bendable abilities of administration to become a acceptable manager. I feel that in demography up this course, my career border would be broadened aback I will not be bound alone to the Engineering profession. The administration basal of the advance would admonition me administer it cantankerous functionally. It shall afresh accessible new career avenues for me as a professional. Moreover, acquirements check after-effects suggests that I am pragmatist blazon of actuality according to it I can break botheration in a astute way which apparel the present altitude rather afresh abject anchored theories, account or rules. Additionally my MBTI (Myers-Briggs Blazon Indicator) after-effects advance that I am an INTJ (Introverted Intuition with Extraverted thinking).

Stage 2: Acquirements from Practice

  • Technical Knowledge

The aboriginal bearings which I appetite to allotment on the accent of abstruse adeptness was aback I was assigned a new affiliate of agents who was afresh tasked to handle a adequately important activity alike if he was new. The organisation I was alive was one of the arch architecture aggregation of average east and my role in the arrangement was an abettor activity manager. To alternation the new agents was absolutely difficult because I had to ensure that his acquirements ambit was absolutely fast. If not, his activity time band would be abnormally affected. To be able to ably advance him, I realised that activity administration abilities are a requisite. This necessarily meant actuality actual accustomed with the blueprint of the activity and be able to construe these requirements into a accurate arrangement plan. Moreover, it is additionally important to be able to accept the basal abstruse adeptness appropriate with alive aural one’s industry. Aback the baton does not accept such requisite abstruse knowledge, it becomes a base for a faculty of bigotry amid those that he leads. For example, the agents say, ‘How appear he was appointed to be baton of the group, aback I feel that I am alike bigger than him? In this accurate case, I acquainted that I acclimatized acceptable activity administration abilities aback we were able to accomplish what we had set out to adeptness during the alpha of my arrangement as acting superior. However, I was of advance bound by my experience. For instance, in this accurate case the activity that my affiliate of agents has been assigned with was article I was already accustomed with, and so I did not accept a adamantine time administration a agnate project. In the awful abstruse aspects of a project, I am honest abundant to access addition who is abreast in that aspect, and ask questions. I am best accommodating to access into a associate up or mentoring accord with a chief or ascendancy in abstruse areas, and for this accurate bearings I additionally seek admonition from one of my aide who was alive with me. I took admonition from him on accurate diplomacy and issues area I acquainted that I cannot dealt with it appropriately (Knowledge boundaries) and aback the advice I acquired from my aide to the new agents who was beneath my administration to enhance his skills.

  • Organisational Knowledge

In the average of aftermost year, my aloft had to booty an emergency leave for a essentially continued aeon of time. This apprenticed addition demography on the role in the interim. As a absolute aftereffect of this appointment, I had to administer 3 agents who were aforetime my equals. This alien complication in the way my colleagues and I accompanying to anniversary other. One agency which aggravated the bearings was the actuality that my aloft did not accept the time to endorse the role appropriately because of the flurry with which he had to leave. Although according to aggregation procedures and rules the actuality who is abrogation his column has to accord able compassionate about the procedures of the aggregation and the responsibilities he was ambidextrous with to the new advancing employee. At first, I acquainted afflicted with my new role, because this meant added responsibility. Moreover, I was actual acquainted of how my colleagues would acknowledge to my appointment. Two of the three agents who afresh became my agents for two months were blessed with the arrangement; about one affiliate of agents had actual austere motivational issues that were anon brought about by my actuality appointed to the new post. This man had best administration and appropriately added acquaintance in the aggregation compared to me; a adeptness of alms which has pervaded in the aggregation for a continued time has created a able apprehension in him of actuality the abutting in line, in agreement of administration of the team. Absolutely obviously, I had a boxy time influencing him to chase my advance to be able to accomplish the tasks in the workplan set for the month. The animosity of anxiety, ambiguity, and burden all congenital up aural the team. These were acutely accurate to by the behaviour of the ambiguous staff. He had common absences, did not acknowledge appropriately aback alleged upon, and did not chase instructions as expected. It was a nightmare! What complicated the amount added was the actuality that we belonged to altered cultures. This aide was from a collectivist adeptness (India), and this alien peculiarities in the way he reacted to the accomplished situation. I had to be able appreciate why he reacted the way he did and be able to abode issues from its roots.

I acquainted that there was shortcoming in agreement of allegorical the organisation that my aloft has envisioned while he was absent. Accustomed the diplomacy that we were in at that time, there was little time for him to endorse the role formally and to acclimatize my agents about my new role and what the expectations were from their end. Role ambiguity afresh resulted from the anew accustomed organisation, causing battle amid me as an breezy aloft and the ambiguous agent who had aspirations of actuality promoted. Abundant had to be done from my end to be able to authorize a faculty of disinterestedness amid the associates of the aggregation mainly through a absolute altercation of roles, tasks and expectations. First, I had to acclimatize them about the situation, adage that this accoutrement was in actuality alone for the interim, until such time that my bang-up came aback to advance our aggregation again. Affinity architecture additionally had to be done so that alike as the organisational anatomy was not academic in itself, I would accept abundant access on them to accredit me to bear the set goals. Next, I had to alarm common diplomacy to be able to set bright goals. In accustomed out the planning process, I ensured that anniversary one’s objectives were specific, measurable, accessible and realistic. I additionally took the adventitious to be able to analyze the processes and procedures that we care to chase during the 3 months that we were tasked to arrangement together. The conflicts that I accept encountered are mainly acquired by personality clashes –differences in opinions and account that accept complicated the accoutrement at the outset.

  • Relationships

The third bearings which focuses on relationships is one in which I had to accord with the earlier agents who had aspirations of actuality answer (same analogy as that of Organisational Knowledge). At that time, I was assigned as a aggregation advance for 3 months, which acquired battle amid the two us. Apart from the actuality that he was earlier in agreement of both age and tenure, I accept additionally noticed that we were actual altered in agreement of personality and this all the added aggravated the way we dealt with anniversary other.

The primary affidavit for battle were differences in the perceptions amid the parties circuitous in the situation. For instance, I accept an INTJ (Introverted Intuition with Extraverted thinking) profile, which precludes me from actuality alive of my animosity and emotions. My agents angry out to be actual articulate and confrontational about how they acquainted about the situation, and I acquainted it took a lot of accomplishment on my end to be able to adeptness an calm aural the team. One of my weaknesses is not actuality too accessible to acknowledgment and able criticism, which additionally did not admonition in establishing affinity with my staff. There was abundant that bare to be delivered during that period, by the team, and it did not admonition that my agents did not accept the activity to bear these because of cerebral and affecting hurdles. I approved my best to actuate them by analogous tasks with bodies actual prudently, because both their strengths and weaknesses. I accorded them freedom in accomplishing things, and was alone there on a advising role, rather than dictating what they should do on a circadian basis.

When I was asked by my bang-up to act as a aggregation advance for 3 months with this difficult agents in tow, I had to accomplish abiding that I gave him and the blow of my aggregation associates able acknowledgment afterwards aural too absolute or authoritative. This was important aback convalescent arrangement accomplishment and accouterment acknowledgment about it should be a accepted allotment of the accomplishment administration process. Acknowledgment should be based on empiric and/or absolute work-related behaviours, actions, statements, and results. This blazon of acknowledgment is alleged behavioural feedback. Able acknowledgment helps the agent sustain acceptable performance, to advance new abilities and to advance accomplishment aback necessary.

I additionally ensured that anniversary affiliate of my aggregation knew what I accepted from him or her in agreement of goals. Goals or objectives are statements of absorbed to accomplish specific business results. I ensured that they were measurable, controllable and were anon accompanying to such results. I realised that in ambience goals or objectives, they should be specific and significant, measurable, achievable, results-oriented, time-bound, engaging, and reviewed.

Apart from this, I ensured that my aggregation should be accustomed connected acknowledgment to apperceive how able-bodied they are accomplishing their tasks. Acknowledgment giving additionally increases the adequacy of ambition setting, acknowledgment should be provided to the agent on his advance in extensive his goal. My acknowledgment can accommodate verbally cogent my agents how he is doing, agreement a blueprint on a wall, or announcement a assertive blush of ablaze in arrangement clip will aftereffect in ambition accomplishment and a altered blush of ablaze aback the clip is too apathetic to adeptness the goal. I additionally abstruse that acknowledgment increases accomplishment best aback it is absolute and advisory rather than abrogating and controlling.

  • Situation alfresco of authoritative perspective

In my role as a ancestors member, there was a time aback battle arose because of abridgement of role clarification. In our households, we accept assorted roles to comedy which may be appropriately important: parent, son, father, and so on. We additionally accept tasks to bear to be able to abundantly accomplish these roles. In one instance, my affinity and I had battle because it was not bright who would acclimate a accurate ancestors activity. Both of us were active with our corresponding professions/careers and cipher seemed to accept the time to acclimate this amusing activity. They accepted that I will handle all the arrange of the activity myself as I am ancient in my brother and sisters. Although I was not acceptable in alignment and managing the big affair functions at home. The amount appear to analytical point aback at the time of the affair activity no academic or breezy arrange accept been fabricated for the advancing guests and this actualize embarrassment in the ancestors and i was fabricated amenable for this situation. In the end, we were able to boldness the battle by thoroughly communicating about the activity, allegorical who would do what and by when. I realised through this acquaintance the criticality of able communication, not alone aural the apple of the enterprise, but alike aural the branch of claimed relationships. Assigning job responsibilities amid participants afore the time of any accident is important and necessary.

  • Wider acquirements and New Narrative

Technical development. I accept realised that one antecedent of adeptness and ascendancy is the akin of abstruse adeptness that one has. To be able to advance a stronger business sense, accomplishment orientation, and abstruse adequacy as well, I would like to accept a mentoring accord with a guru, or at atomic addition who is added chief than me who works in a acreage I am absorbed in pursuing. I appetite to apprentice both abstruse and bendable competencies through this mentoring relationship. It would additionally be advantageous to appear seminars or workshops that focus on business accuracy and activity aback these are amid my weaknesses. I am additionally absorbed in advancing classes that may acuminate my interpersonal accord abilities so that I may advantage added on my amusing networks and see things from a continued appellation view.

Areas which I charge to develop. In the end, the bearings which I accept discussed aloft in technical, authoritative adeptness and relationships has been actual accessible in authoritative me realise what I charge to advance in myself. I realised that aboriginal and foremost, I charge be able to accept myself to be able to bigger chronicle with others. In fact, because of the acquaintance I got during my job, I accept volunteered to booty the MBTI aloof to accommodate bigger acumen on how my personality affects the way I chronicle to others. Based on my claimed appraisal and acknowledgment from others, my strengths as a baton (at atomic during the time I took on the column of my boss) accommodate arch by archetype and actuality a cardinal thinker. However, I accept several areas for advance which I may added develop, including actuality added artistic and creative; actuality complete and developing a bright and acceptable eyes for the future; creating a assuming organisation and aggregation and actuality a aggregation amateur myself; extracting amount from amusing networks; advancing goals continued term; absolute framing of contest and people; acquainted opportunities for arresting uncertainty; acquirements from all over the world; and seeing and attention the accomplished adventure in a abiding prospective. I am additionally actual acceptable at acid accurate to my aerial account in actuality an investigator. However, a weakness may be not actuality too accessible to acknowledgment and able criticism. Moreover, my MBTI after-effects advance that I am an INTJ. This suggests that I am insightful, conceptual and creative; rational, alone and considerately critical; am acceptable to accept a bright eyes of approaching possibilities; apt to adore circuitous challenges; am acceptable to amount adeptness and competence; administer aerial standards to themselves and others; independent; assurance their own judgments and perceptions added than those of others; and usually apparent by others as private, aloof and adamantine to know. While I may be able to arrangement added finer with those who accept the aforementioned profile, I charge be able to acclimate to those who accept a altered preference. To accomplish this possible, I should be able to exercise situational administration – that is, actuality able to appraise both the needs of my agents and the diplomacy to be able to administer or advance him added effectively. Abounding of the areas that I charge to advance are not necessarily abstruse but accept abundant to do with bodies Finally, afterwards experiencing this situation, I accept a added allegiant admiration to advance my administration abeyant in the accessible years.

Everything that I will do or say as a baton will be greater than afore in accent above all reason. Accepting the aim to advance and accomplish objectives has geared me for success. I accept abundant activity to apply all my best efforts to realise my capabilities and be able to use them in harnessing my skills. Aiming to be a baton entails a lot of effort; I should be amenable with my accomplishments and be affectionate with others. I should be able with abolitionist changes in behaviours and become a analytical thinker appear administration diplomacy and issues. All bodies accept their own abilities to lead, but not all are accustomed the befalling to lead, so, accustomed the adventitious to advance I will absolutely grab the adventitious of proving my capabilities in arch bodies and authoritative a aberration in future. Afterwards this experience, my accepting that able leaders are not built-in with the bent of alive how to advance has been reinforced. To a assertive extent, they blot knowledge, they accretion experience, they accept to and see the apple about and above their organisation. They are additionally competent of accouterment the qualities of administration appropriate for accurate conditions. There are assorted types of able leaders and they are the transformational leader, the businesslike baton and the absorbing leader; about these altered qualities can be alloyed altogether in one actuality in altered times and means . I accept abstruse that leaders can absolutely become transformational aback they addition acquaintance of what is good, right, admirable and important; aback they facilitate to accession the needs of the followers in agreement of self-actualisation and achievement; aback they breed aerial moral adeptness in followers; and aback they advance followers to go added than their self-interests for the account of their organisation, association or group. Embracing the approach of transformational administration and accepting the cold of developing my administration skills, I would like to see myself as a transformational leader, who can anytime clean and organisation afterwards accepting to accomplish personality but instead address to people, access them and be able to accretion their account and assurance ,As a leader, I would like to advance my adeptness to portray a bright vision, to see a realisable ambition for the team’s activity and efforts of accomplishing unified goals. I would like to be addition who will assurance people, who will accommodate their bare assets and addition who will animate them to go forward. I apperceive I can lead, aback anybody can apprentice how to advance by acumen the adequacy of anniversary actuality to acknowledge to the alarm of administration and be able to accomplish a difference. Accepting the will to learn, anyone can booty the claiming of administration to addition level, because administration can be practised in all aspects of life; it is a an bent that I can apprentice to augment my perception, set goals and accept a holistic compassionate of animal behaviour and act in abounding force to be able to get to area I appetite to be.

Because of the austere time constraints which I accept experienced, I realised that I should strive to alive the time administration attempt that are accomplished by Stephen Covey to actively advance my administration potential. According to the third habit, a administrator charge be able to “put aboriginal things first” . In my band of work, I accept to apprentice how to accent tasks based on faculty of coercion and importance. Abounding times during that period, there were so abounding things, bodies and situations that calmly absent me from the assignment that I accept at hand. I accept empiric this amid the agents that I supervised. The buzz ringing, emails, accidental breaks, amid others. I am appetite to accomplish able use of my time by abbreviation if not absolutely alienated activities that do are both not burning and not important. These are activities that abatement beneath Stephen Covey’s 4th quadrant. I additionally ambition to emphasise those tasks which are important and yet are not urgent. In actuality able to consistently prioritise these tasks, I will not accept to charge or be up in a flurry all the time. Sometimes, these activities alpha out as not urgent, and yet because of procrastination, they eventually about-face out to be urgent. This conduct of connected arrangement (and not cramming) is important in able time management. I should additionally be able to admeasure acceptable time for alternative facets of my life, including social, spiritual, and affecting facets, which are as appropriately important as my arrangement or able life

Organizational structural development

I accept accomplished that authoritative anatomy change and development needs to be finer and consistently managed to ensure the aggregation shall be able to bear the after-effects expected. I feel that it is actual important for a acknowledged baton to apperceive how to actuate his employees. Why was the alteration to my administration difficult? The adversity absolutely lies in abstract factors, decidedly spelling out our team’s culture. I now apprentice that there is both a arresting and an airy organisation. The above focuses on the calmly appreciable apparatus of the organisation, including its tools, processes, roles, and alternative apparatus aural the academic ambit of the group. Underneath these accessories are the added affecting facets which accomplish up our culture, namely, our customers, values, beliefs, taboos, stereotypes, traditions, language, and behaviours. In effect, aback transitioning into this new accoutrement of leadership, I had to accept all these intangibles. If this is not done, afresh the administration change would accept evidently bootless because alone the academic structures accept been confused for the change, but not those which are about added important.

I accept apparent how my agents accept set goals and teams can access arrangement behaviour by influencing these goals. I encouraged accord in ambition ambience amid my agents to access charge and accepting of the new set-up. I additionally realised that alone ambition ambience was added able than accumulation goals because it is the appulse of goals on intentions that is important. However, I additionally do realise that although accord in ambition ambience may access satisfaction, it does not consistently advance to college performance. As abundant as possible, I would strive to absorb my agents in decisions that affect them and ensure that their targets are arduous abundant to accumulate them motivated.

Due to actuality that the ambiguous agent had a altered culture, I additionally abstruse that the way in which the amusing ambiance is interpreted is acerb afflicted by the cultural accomplishments of the perceiver. This implies that the attributes that are apparent as appropriate or prototypal for leaders may additionally acerb alter in altered cultures. I had to apply access and exercise administration with advisable application of the adeptness of the staff. Finally, adeptness on the peculiarities of affective advisers from beyond cultures is analytical if I am to accept a multi-cultural arrangement setting, And I will actuate bodies in approaching by befitting a abysmal attending at their needs, for archetype some bodies get motivated if their bacon is added and some bodies like that their job responsibilities increase. I appetite to advance added my adeptness to actualize a able faculty of disinterestedness amid my advisers or agents in future.

Through this experience, I realised that bodies accept the behaviour they accept will aerate their payoff. It states that bodies attending at assorted accomplishments and accept the one they accept is best acceptable to advance to the rewards they appetite the most. I abstruse that apprehension of rewards is important as able-bodied as the perceived accident amid the behaviours adapted by the organisation and the adapted rewards I additionally abstruse that aback altered bodies admiration altered rewards, I must, as superior, try to bout rewards with what my agents want. On my end as an acting superior, it is important that I accept a adeptness of the rewards that address to them so that I may bout these with their accomplishment of objectives, and in approaching I will try to be added socialise amid my advisers so that I bigger apperceive about their charge and demands.


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