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Respond to Student Post below. 150 -250 chat min    "CyberSecurity and Risk Management" Please acknowledge to the following: · Analyze one cyberattack that occurred in the aftermost 2 years. What acquired the cyberattack? Do not echo an archetype that has been acquaint previously. · How did the cyberattack appulse abstracts loss, banking loss, cleanup cost, and the accident of reputation? · If you were the administrator of this company, what are some key accomplish you would accept taken to anticipate cyberattacks and enhance cyber security? · Recommend advice that should be in the billow and alarm which advice should not be in the cloud. Be abiding to accommodate in your advocacy your thoughts on preventing cyberattacks, acclamation aegis concerns, or deepening arrangement infrastructure. Respond to Student Post     In September of 2017, Equifax Acclaim Advertisement Agency appear that their systems had been breached, which resulted in about 148 actor Americans claimed advice actuality compromised. Equifax is one of three acclaim advertisement agencies that actualize abundant letters on consumers claimed advice which include: a person’s name, amusing aegis number, buzz number, driver’s authorization number, address, date of birth, and home address, the claimed abstracts is aggregate with alternative advice which gives lenders and alike administration a attending to amount an alone acclaim worthiness. Based on the advice provided by Equifax the cyberattack was acquired by the attackers aboriginal scanning the web for attainable servers in which they begin a vulnerability aural the Equifax altercation aperture servers, this led to analysis added servers and login credentials. In a amount of 75 canicule the hackers remained hidden while advancement attendance and boring extracted abstracts from 51 databases in baby increments. The vulnerability that acquired the aperture was basically a blemish in a apparatus advised to body web applications, according to Equifax spokesperson.    It is broadly accepted and still actuality appear that Equifax admiral knew of this blemish afore the cyberattack happened but bootless to abode the issue. The cyberattack not alone larboard millions of barter not alive if or how abyss would be able to use their claimed information, by accepting admission to an alone name, amusing aegis number, bearing date, and abode placed abounding Americans in abhorrence of character annexation and aggregate abroad that comes with addition accepting admission to all of your acute advice at their fingertip. According to my research, there is still no affirmation of who was abaft the hack, and the so alleged “stolen data” has never been found?  The abstracts aperture impacted banks, schools, administration and abounding alternative businesses, and not to acknowledgment the appulse it could accept on bodies lives. I accept consistently anticipation of my acclaim abode and the advice independent in my acclaim abode as my activity and to anticipate that some abeyant alien being has the adequacy to use my advice for their own claimed use is unsettling.  The FTC has fined Equifax, the banking accident consists of Equifax accordant to achieve and pay 575 actor and up to 700 actor to atone the about 148 actor Americans afflicted by this cyberattack. They charge additionally accommodate associates of the chic activity accusation 6 chargeless acclaim letters per year and chargeless acclaim monitoring. I still anticipate it is a baby amount to pay, due to their negligence.   If I were the administrator of this company, I would advance aegis practices and possibly not accord aloof anyone the adeptness to cull acclaim reports. Acclaim advertisement agencies are in business to accommodate claimed advice on consumers and some advice is bare in adjustment to accurately analyze a person, but too abundant advice is not needed, I anticipate amusing aegis numbers should not be attainable in the cloud. One way to abode aegis apropos is to accommodate advisers with a token, at my antecedent employer we were appropriate to accept a badge to accretion admission to our computer to assurance on every morning, I charge accept it absolutely got on my fretfulness because the countersign would change throughout the day, and if I went to lunch, break, or forgot my token, the arrangement would lock me out and I would accept to alarm IT to displace my generated password.  I anticipate any business that authority acute advice such as a aggregation like Equifax, should accouter their advisers with some blazon of affidavit adjustment to accretion admission to that claimed information, convenance basal aegis measures, and accomplish abiding that systems are up to date. References: Baltzan, P. (2018). Advice Systems. In P. Baltzan, Advice Systems (4th ed., pp. 148-162). New York,, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. Retrieved 10 10,, 2019 The Equifax Aperture Affecting Nearly Half Of Americans Was "entirely Preventable" John Detrixhe - The Great Equifax Mystery: 17 Months Later, the Stolen Abstracts Has Never Been Found, and Experts Are Starting To Suspect a Spy Scheme Kate Fazzini -

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