Church Service Report

 Watch online: - Maybe God series This affair requires you to appear or watch/listen online to a Christian abbey account and abode on the presentation of Jesus in the service. Instructions: Pick a abbey account that you apprehend will be altered from your archetypal experience. Ideally, you should appear a “live” account with a aggregation in your breadth (hence the “heads up” during anniversary 2) but for some that may not be accessible so there are some online possibilities listed in the “Optional Multimedia Resources” account this week, or you may chase the web yourself. Some of the online assets I listed were alone audio, and that is okay, but video is better, giving you added things on which to report. Many of the online assets included alone the abode allocation of the service, and that is accept but afresh a beyond acquaintance gives you added “data.” Assignment: After experiencing the service, abode an about 750-word abode which: Identifies: The specific abbey (name and location) -- if you baddest “audiosancto” for a Catholic abode this may not be accessible and that is okay. The Christian attitude of which it is a allotment (e.g. Catholic, Episcopal, Assemblies of God, non-denominational, etc.). The date of the service. The appellation or accountable of the sermon, Any biblical passages cited throughout the service. The website abode if it is an online service. MUST accommodate a description of how Jesus is presented, OR if he is not again your comments on why you anticipate Jesus was larboard out of a Christian adoration service. MAY accommodate a abode on whether and how the presentation of Jesus differed from abbey casework with which you are added familiar, or were assured if you accept not abounding a Christian abbey service. MAY accommodate a added abode on alternative aspects of the account (style, order, approach, etc.) Note: Since this is a abode of your experience, no alternative citations are necessary, so no specific autograph appearance adviser is necessary

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