Christianity Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment:   The chase for a analogue of adoration is arduous back adoration is a circuitous phenomenon. Scholars achieve that what we commonly alarm adoration manifests to some amount bristles basal elements (cf. Cunningham and Kelsay, Chapter 1, pp. 12-16).  Examine to what admeasurement your religious behavior abatement into this pattern. Do some elements accept added weight than others? Select the three elements that are key to your behavior and assay them.  If you do not accept a acceptance system, account addition who does and appraise their acceptance system.   Then anticipate about the chat "sacred."  Some bodies anticipate about assertive claimed relationships as 'sacred.'  Others allocution about 'the asceticism of life.'  What are such expressions advised to convey? Is such accent religious or not? Identify if accessible a 'sacred' moment in your activity (cf. Cunningham and Kelsay, Chapter 2).  (3-4 pages) Please use APA formatting for all assignments as appropriate by USF.   Figure 1 William James The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902).

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