Christianity Presentation

 Compare  Protestant and Pentecostal denominations of Christianity. Include a abrupt history of the two traditions and a allegory of their access to the Bible, art, specific symbols, and rituals as able-bodied as amount behavior and ethics. You ability accede visiting in being or exploring one of these churches online to add your own experiences. Format your references constant with APA guidelines. Present your Christianity Presentation. This will be a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with notes.  These addendum charge be in your own words.  You may not archetype from sources into your addendum as if you would again digest in the "class presentation" as I alone see what you put into the addendum and if it is affected from a antecedent it is plagiarism. Please agenda that the explanation asks for an addition and conclusion.  The addendum of the addition and cessation should accommodate the abounding "script" of what you would say if you were in class.  "Do you accept questions" is not a cessation and it does not calculation against the cardinal of slides in the presentation (neither does the appellation or the resources, there should be 10-12 slides of information). Also amuse agenda that the explanation asks for Graphics.  We are in a graphically aggressive world.  Good cartoon (not aloof simple blow art) are accessible to access and assemblage apprehend a presenter to accumulate the audience's absorption through graphics.  

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