Christianity And The Religions Essay

In a claimed absorption of 1,000– words, accede how a Christian ability account from a abstraction of alternative religions by acclamation the following:

  1. Can Christian chat with alternative religious traditions be a allotment of the calling to affirm the Gospel?
  2. What can Christians apprentice from alternative religious traditions?
  3. Can religious adventures or article in alternative faiths be validated?
  4. How can Christians anticipate alarmingly about their encounters with associates of alternative faiths?
  5. Be abiding to abutment your claimed reflections with examples and effective thought

Classroom Resources

1.  Aren’t all Religions the Same?

Read “Aren’t all Religions the Same?” by Ewing, from the RZIM website.

2. Don’t all Religions advance to God?

Read “Don’t all Religions advance to God?” by Ewing, from the RZIM website.

3. Isn’t Christianity Arrogant?

Read “Isn’t Christianity Arrogant?” by Bannister, from the RZIM website.

4. The Global Christian Population: An Interactive Feature

Read “The Global Christian Population: An Interactive Feature,” from the Pew Research Religion & Public Life Project.

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