Choosing your theorist and theory

Much analysis and anticipation has been put into our school's programs to accommodated the needs of abounding assorted learners. Throughout time, theorists accept developed any theories that we, as educators, abide to use to this day. Thanks to their contributions, we accept been provided with the best educational accoutrement to breed adolescent minds today. Every drillmaster has their own assessment as to what admission they anticipate is best. After account assorted theories, there is one in accurate that I absolutely accept to be the best benign which is The Attitude Theory. Attitude theory, additionally now as behavioral attitude Is a admission of acquirements based aloft the Idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning" (Cherry, 2011 B. F Skinner and John B. Watson are the two creators of the attitude theory. They declared that development included abstruse behaviors. These abstruse behaviors are based on absolute and abrogating adventures aural their accustomed environments. Every activity has a consequence. I anticipate that's a way to attending at the way accouchement apprentice over time. For example; back I was teaching at a altered Children's Center, actuality was a little babe who would cry ceaseless till I or addition abroad best her up. We believed that at her house, the minute she cried, addition would be there instantly to aces her up. She never abstruse how to cocky allay and knew that arrant would get her the absorption she wanted. She abstruse this behavior at home and brought it to academy with her, cerebration it would additionally assignment there. She had never been accomplished that arrant wasn't a way to get what you want. It was our albatross at academy to breach that habit. Instead, I would say anon to her, admiration bottomward to be on her level, "I will elk to you back you use your words and big babe advance to acquaint me what you want". Over time, she abstruse that arrant wasn't accepting her the absorption she wanted. She absitively to booty the admission I offered her instead. This ultimately formed out the best for anybody involved, her parents included. It was a abstruse behavior. This is what B. F Skinner authentic as Operant Conditioning; which is "The behavior is followed by a aftereffect and the attributes of the after-effects modifies the organisms' addiction to echo the behavior In the future" (Before, 2000). Operant conditioning can additionally be acclimated for a absolute behavior as well. There was a little boy I afresh anatine for, his parents were accessible to activate absurd training him and they weren't abiding how to go about it. After they anticipation it over, they absitively to go about it with a rewards approach. If the little boy sat on the absurd for 3 minutes, he'd accept a allotment of candy. After a few attempts at sitting on the potty, he bent on. Sit on the potty, get a allotment of candy. Then, the ambush was to get him to absolutely go while sitting. Back he affably went, Mom was acclamation and praising him. He was so happy! She connected praising captain every time he went and he Is now absolutely absurd trained. Absolute accretion was key in this situation. This is what's accepted as "Continuous Reinforcement". I absolutely accept in actuality a constructive, firm, admiring and affective educator. Accouterment a adolescent with an ambiance abounding of absolute reinforcements and after-effects encourages the accouchement to continuously strive to do their best. It accouchement listened absolutely able-bodied during amphitheater time, they'll get added time on the laggardly that afternoon. I accept that accouchement apprentice in their own means and abound at altered rates. I accept that accouterment a calmly on admission to acquirements is key in a child's development. There are 5 adorning domains that we as educators absolutely focus on. These domains are physical, intellectual, language, affecting and amusing development. These altered domains can be calmly remembered as PILES. There are abounding means to advice accouchement advance in anniversary of these domains. For example, accepting age adapted toys ND activities readily accessible can advice their bookish and concrete domains. I feel that it's important to accommodate a aesthetic ambiance for accouchement to abound and advance emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Our classroom gives you adolescent the befalling to apprentice on abounding altered levels. We accommodate age adapted books, crayons, paper, and art activities to advice actualize your child's accent development. We animate the accouchement in our chic to assignment calm as a aggregation and anatomy friendships amid their peers. By accomplishing this, we are allowance advance their amusing and motional skills. We accept abounding admission to our amphitheater as able-bodied as our multi-purpose allowance for all our concrete activities. We booty advantage of our amphitheater and actuality alfresco on a circadian base to accumulate our kids alive and healthy! My classroom is a abode area accouchement can beam and apprentice throughout the absolute day. I feel that applying the theories abounding educators accept set alternating helps us accommodate the best apprenticeship accessible for today's youth. Accouchement are our approaching and it is our albatross to advice them become the best being they can be.

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