Choose ONE topic from the list below

Choose ONE topic from the account beneath and column an original comment. After your original comment is made, acknowledgment to two students who accept fabricated a animadversion on any of the topics.             Prior to agreeable in this forum, apprehend and reflect on appropriate and/or recommended advance agreeable for weeks 1 - 3. (Chapter 1 - 3 content, accessories and videos) Discussion Questions   Topic A: Administration Characteristics 1) Administration Importance:  Why do you anticipate administration is important? 2) Administration Characteristics: What, in your opinion, are the top bristles characteristics (please rank them 1 through 5) of an able leader? Do you anticipate that your baronial of the top bristles administration qualities would change for leaders in altered circumstances? Why or why not? (Illustrate your acknowledgment with examples).  Topic B: Administration Ancestry & Ethics 1) Administration Ethics: In the discussed ethical administration stances (pages 59-61) which one do anticipate is bigger and why? Do you accept that leaders should be captivated up to a college accepted of advantage than their followers? Why or why not? (Illustrate with examples).  2) Big Bristles Model of Personality: Take any avant-garde day baton from backroom or business and asses that baton on how do you see the Big Bristles ancestry in them? Topic C:  Administration Behavior & Motivation 1) The Motivation Process:  (see Exhibit 3.5) Scenario:  In this workplace, aggregation associates are not inspired; they are apathetic and not actual productive.  Amuse outline how the Baton can actuate individuals as able-bodied as the absolute team.  What will “drive” absolute and active behavior; and how would you admeasurement success?  2) Administration Styles: Do you accede with the University of Michigan administration appearance or the Ohio State university appearance OR do you anticipate that there is charge for a third approach? Why or why not? (Illustrate with examples).

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