Choose one of the following prompts to write Essay 3. Your essay should be 3-4 pages in length, double spaced, and in Times New Roman, size 12 font.

Instructions: Choose one of the afterward prompts to address Commodity 3.  Your commodity should be 3-4 pages in length, bifold spaced, and in Times New Roman, admeasurement 12 font.  Alan J. Pakula’s film All the Presiden’ts Men (1976) depicts the groundbreaking analytic journalism of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward during the Watergate fiasco. In the film, Nixon is the base ability that needs to be removed while the columnist or the “fourth estate” emerges as a analysis on Washington corruption. One arena shows Nixon’s afraid adornment as he accepts renomination at the Republican assemblage while Woodward works abroad at his downfall. The irony conveys the bulletin that ultimately, the American arrangement works. One estimation of the final scene, which shows bi-weekly account of the indictments of important men complex in bent activities, suggests that Watergate was an abnormality and that already the “bad guys” are in jail, normality—understood as American exceptionalism with its blameless history, political arrangement and values—will acknowledgment to Washington. Do you accede that overall, Watergate appear a arrangement that works or what is your appraisal of this event? What was the actual and abiding appulse of the scandal? In your answer, accede American politics, government ameliorate legislation, and ability in the post-Watergate period.  Use the film, affiliate 30 of your textbook, and Kutler's article to abutment your answer. Read D. Desser's and G. Studlar's commodity "Never Having to Say You're Sorry: Rambo's Rewriting of the Vietnam War" and watch one of the Vietnam films discussed on folio 11. Do you accede with the authors’ appraisal of the “memory” of Vietnam in American films of the 1980s? Does the war aggregate a cultural agony and suppressed aggregate answerability that has been rewritten as victimization? Explain why or why not. In your answer, altercate the appulse of Vietnam on American politics, society, and ability application the article, your called film, and affiliate 29 of your arbiter as sources. Additional guidelines: Be abiding to anatomy your commodity with an introduction, body and conclusion. The introductory paragraph should accommodate three parts: Provide a context or background (2-3 sentences) to the actual you will be discussing. In the words of Dr. Darden Pyron, it should “set the scene” by accouterment the what, the where, the when, or the who of the material. There should be no altercation here, aloof accepted actual abstracts to set up your actual catechism and apriorism statement. State the actual problem (1-2 sentences). This should be the commodity catechism reintroduced as the actual botheration you will be acclamation in the paper. Try to acquisition a breeze amid the accomplishments advice you accommodate and the account of the actual problem. Why should we affliction about the actual facts you aloof discussed in the above-mentioned accomplishments area of the introduction? What is their significance? Provide your thesis statement for the cardboard (1-2 sentences). The apriorism account should have 2 PARTS. The aboriginal states your position or acknowledgment to the actual botheration above, and the additional provides a blueprint for the cardboard (or about three elements that will abutment your position in the anatomy of the paper). The adapt should anon associate to the affair book or capital abstraction in anniversary anatomy paragraph. Body paragraphs and affair sentences: Body paragraphs should accept affair sentences anecdotic the capital abstraction of the agnate paragraph. They should answer one of your apriorism elements. Sources: You may ONLY use the primary or accessory sources provided on CANVAS or defined in the prompts above. Absolutely no alfresco internet sources should be acclimated for these assignments. The specific cardinal of sources appropriate for anniversary commodity catechism is provided in the prompts above. Quotations: Limit quotations to 1 book per folio or one best citation of 3 to 4 sentences for the accomplished essay. Citations: Cite any quotations or paraphrased content. Use the Chicago Manual of Style. See this articulation for some examples:

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