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Life is abounding of choices. Kelly, my best friend, fabricated abounding choices; activity altering choices. It sculpted the blow of her absolute life. I, Karmen, was continuing by her. Whatever happened to her. She was the abandoned babe I had anytime accepted who had the adeptness to aching me, accomplish me cry, accomplish me abhor her, but still abysmal down, let me adulation her. Of advance in this day and age some mocked our friendship; perceived it as article more. However, abandoned we knew what we meant to anniversary other. She was my life; she was like a sister to me. Our accord acutely was not the easiest, but whose is? Despite all of this, I admired Kelly Mainers added than annihilation in my life. Let me alpha from the beginning. Seven years to the day, I met Kelly. It was a clement day, at the alpha of September, it was credible by the looks on everyone's faces that none of us capital to be there. The acclimate was bold no signs of cooling, so it acquainted like we were accessory academy in the average of summer. I noticed this babe bouncing her parents acceptable bye at the gates of Whitmore Girls. She had a anticipation afflictive face. Continued amber beard categorical her affection shaped face, and her active ablaze blooming eyes were the focus. She bent me staring and smiled, I did the same. We were eleven and young, alpha out of inferior school, we aloof anticipation of anniversary alternative as bodies to allocution to. Afterwards a while our accord deepened. We had instantly clicked. Neither of us had brothers or sisters, so we abounding that abandoned in anniversary other's lives. We were mocked at academy for consistently actuality together. No one would anytime bolt us afterwards the other, and aback they did, they knew article austere charge be happening. The years passed, as we grew older, our accord grew stronger. However, at about 15, gradually our personalities began to differ. Kelly was into boys, composition and clothes, admitting I was into music, aliment and television. We still conversed, but the atom that we had encountered at the alpha of our accord aloof was not there anymore. We did not feel the charge to be about anniversary alternative constantly. It was sad, and we both had noticed it, but we did not let it jeopardise the little advice we had larboard with anniversary other. We both acquired added accompany alfresco our own friendship, which in a way helped me, but not Kelly. Kelly's new accompany afflicted her in a way that I can abandoned alarm as detrimental. I was absorbed to alarm them the "Shriek" crew, due to their ceaseless arrest whenever they spotted a affiliate of the adverse sex. They angry Kelly into mini clones of themselves, which I am abiding you can guess, was not a acceptable thing. Afterwards abundant deliberation, one Saturday at the alpha of the summer holidays, 15 and free, I gave in and agreed to go out with Kelly. I usually approved to abstain accomplishing this in case one of the "shriek" aggregation absitively to tag along. Afterwards a continued time, it was aloof the two of us. Attractive back, it was the aftermost time that Kelly and I had spent some absolute affection time together. We spent that accomplished afternoon aloof talking. We bent up on everything, I acquainted like I was accepting to apperceive her all over again. She had afflicted a lot, but abysmal bottomward I knew she was still Kelly. The Kelly I 'chose' to be my best acquaintance all those years ago. I had had one of the best canicule of my life, so acutely article had to appear and blemish it. Aloof our luck, it was Karl, Karl Daniels. It was accessible to anyone who laid their eyes on him that he was acceptable looking. Consequently, this boy was classed as Whitmore Boys finest specimen. I can still anamnesis the aftereffect that Karl had on Kelly and me aback we aboriginal saw him. We were walking and I noticed him first. I chock-full asleep in my tracks; he absolutely took my animation away, all clichi??s aside. He had an absolutely arresting face. Afterwards this day, Karl became the focus of all our attention. He was the blazon of boy that girls lusted afterwards and a baddest few absolutely got. Some spent their lives throwing themselves at him. I had abandoned fawned over Karl for absolutely some time. However, anon his aftereffect on me died down. Kelly, on the alternative hand, had a absolutely altered booty on this. As she grew older, her animalism for him grew stronger. It was seven o'clock, and Kelly and I were still out and about on our "Bonding Session" aback Karl alleged out to us, "So, you two wana appear my way? " I scowled quietly. Kelly, appropriate on cue, giggled and tossed her hair. She had switched into flirting mode. "Hey Karl, you all right? " Kelly simpered, as a advanced apathetic beam advance over her absolute features. "Uh-huh, so what you saying? You two guna come? It's this massive affair bottomward at my yard, adulation it if you could be there," Karl replied. Blatantly he was abandoned allurement me to appear forth out of politeness. This was a approved occurrence: the guys babble Kelly up whilst I sit on the by curve watching, and accept the appellation 'moody bitch'. Annihilation new there. Kelly looked pleadingly at me, and I gave her one of my 'don't alike anticipate of allurement me, you apperceive what my acknowledgment is, do what the hell you want' looks. She seemed displeased. "Karl, I'd adulation to appear you apperceive that, but it looks like my acquaintance isn't in the affair mood, and would rather I didn't go, sorry," Kelly stated. My affection went out to her, she had absurd this boy for ages and she was accomplishing this all for me. However, Karl, actuality a boy, persisted further, "What? She your mum now? Who says you accept to go with her? You can appear with me girl. Trust, you'll accept fun with me too! " Karl responded winking at her. That babyish bush action fabricated Kelly's apperception up instantaneously. With a few rushed affliction she sauntered off, accoutrements affiliated with the "sex god" of year 11. She had best Karl over me, a ache of affliction swept through my body. I was acquainted she absurd him but she could accept at atomic approved to actuate me to accompany her. Little did she apperceive that activity to the affair would change the advance of her accomplished life; she could do annihilation to stop it. It was the aboriginal day aback to academy from the summer holidays. I was late, and was darting about aggravating to get to my new anatomy room. I had not announced to Kelly for four weeks aback that day she chose Karl over me. Neither of us had agitated to aces up the buzz to anniversary alternative during this time. However, Kelly was the affectionate of babe I tended to alarm a desultory caller, i. e. they abandoned alarm aback they appetite something! Personally, I anticipation it should be Kelly's assignment to do this abnormally as she was the one that larboard me that serene Saturday. Things like this rarely traversed Kelly's mind. My adaptable bleeped and said "four belletrist received". All of them were from Kelly allurement me to acquisition her in the academy toilets. As usual, Kelly alleged and I ran to her side. I fabricated a slight detour on the way to my anatomy allowance and activate Kelly sitting on a toilet. The aperture was ajar, and I activate Kelly arrant hysterically. I was at a complete loss. I did not apperceive what to do; why was she so upset? Kelly's bawl accomplished momentarily, whilst she apprenticed herself to talk, "Karmen, I accept article to acquaint you and amuse don't arrest me for once, I aloof appetite to appear out with it... I'm pregnant. " I was broad at her; it was like a bombshell. Kelly looked so vulnerable; I capital to ability out and hug her. Suddenly article airtight in me; I could not put my feel on it but in a amplitude of a second, aggregate had changed. Article was endlessly me extensive out and affecting my best friend. Why? She afresh access into full-fledged tears and I aloof could not accompany myself to animate her, it was impossible. I approved to ability out and blow her arm but it was as if an airy cord was captivation me back, authoritative me accumulate my ambit from her. I am not abiding why this allotment of account had such an aftereffect on me. I anticipate it was because abysmal bottomward I capital Kelly to realise for herself that the bodies that she abashed out with were amiss for her. The old Kelly would not aloof up and leave and go out with a boy that she hardly knew. "The eyes are the windows to your soul," Kelly had said to me bristles years ago. Until now, I had never accepted what she meant, but she was right. Aback I was staring into her eyes, I could feel every angle of affect she had in her. I was abashed for Kelly. What would her afterlife be 15 and expecting? "Whose babyish is it then? " I asked, mentally active through the cord of boys that we were acquainted with. Karl's," she replied with a sniff. I advised her face absorbed on accepting the truth, but Kelly fabricated this assignment actual accessible for me - "Look Karmen, I don't see the point in actuality in denial, Karl raped me ok? I apperceive what you're activity to say 'I told you, you shouldn't accept gone with him in the aboriginal abode banausic banausic blah'. I apperceive it was absolutely my accountability and I apperceive you anticipate it is to. We were authoritative our way to the affair and he was actuality so nice. Treating me well. Afore I was bashed at the party, I didn't absolutely apperceive anyone, so I abashed about with him. One affair led to addition and was kissing him, annihilation more. I went and abashed out with some of the "shriek" aggregation and that was all right. Afresh a brace of hours later, Karl came up to me. His animation stank of booze and he approved to kiss me. I pushed him away. However, in the end I aloof could not advice it, I admired him so abundant and I gave in to temptation. I was in his allowance and we were aloof talking," Kelly afresh bankrupt bottomward into tears, I let her cry it out, but she started to allocution again. "I am an idiot I was kinda drunk; I didn't alike apperceive what I was doing, let abandoned when, area and how. I agnosticism I alike enjoyed it. I beggarly I admired him yeah, but not abundant to do article like that with him. I don't know, I absent my virginity to him and I didn't alike appetite to. He was so rough, and his eyes were evil. It was as if a altered Karl had taken over. He wasn't the aforementioned sweet, innocent faced boy that I had absurd for so long. I am such a mess, and I am so apologetic I didn't arena you. I did not apperceive what to do with myself; I've been a abashed wreck. Seriously Karmen, as a mate, I charge to apperceive that you'll be here, appropriate beside me. " What could I say? Afterwards audition all that, the airy cord that was captivation me aback let go. Afar from annihilation else, I managed to accord her some amount of solace. I agnosticism I alleviated any of her affliction but I did my best. Article that absolutely ashamed me was the actuality that she did not assume too agitated about Karl raping her. Rape, the concordance defines it as a) if a man rapes a woman, he berserk armament her to accept sex with him adjoin her will b) abduction is the act or abomination of raping a woman. The abutting day, Kelly talked for two hours straight, and I aloof listened. Listened to what she had to say and how she felt. It was her time and not mine. I came out of it activity different. Altered as in ambiguous but not already did Kelly allege about how she had been abandoned by Karl. I anticipation a lot over the abutting few days. I recalled all the conversations that Kelly and I had had about Karl (which was absolutely a few). All the affirmation acicular to the actuality that Kelly capital this to happen. Not that it was pre-meditated or anything, added that she wasn't agitated about the actuality that she had been abandoned and her virginity had been absent to a abhorrent abomination like rape. It would accomplish sense, I beggarly she had consistently absurd him, and I was absolute that her animosity for him were added concrete than annihilation else. She was not so abundant agitated about the actuality that he raped her, added the actuality that she was pregnant. I beggarly acutely the suspicions that I had were not bedrock solid, but they acquainted right. A few months passed, I carefully distanced myself from Kelly. Not that she had noticed, of course. She got a lot of affliction aback her bang started to become prominent, but those bodies anon refrained from this aback she began advancing out with her adaptation of the 'truth'. She was basking in the celebrity of actuality one of the abandoned girls to lose their virginity in year 11. However, what she alleged basking, I alleged bragging. She was aloof that she had had sex with Karl. What was she? Did she not realise what she was saying? I abandoned bent snippets of her conversations but I was absolutely abiding what I had heard was true. Kelly was claiming to the blow of the chic that Karl did not abduction her, but that she was the acknowledging affair in this. This aloof circumscribed my suspicions. My best acquaintance was a liar. "Yeah, I know. He looked too addict that night. He was so sweet. I'm animated my aboriginal time was with him," I heard Kelly say. Aback aback had rapists been sweet? It was not that I was eavesdropping; added assurance bent to bare the truth. "Seriously! Yeah I heard from addition that you got off with him that night! How was it? You're such a advantageous bitch, us lot would all annihilate to be with Karl! " the conflicting account athirst babe said. "Look, I ain't the blazon of babe who kisses and tells you know! You wana apperceive what went on, you accept to ask him," acutely Kelly was alienated the question. So, did this beggarly she was raped? I beggarly at the alpha of the conversation, it articulate like she had capital this to happen; am I right? However, appear the end, it was the complete adverse to that. I had assured that if I was activity to get my answers, there were two things that I bare to do and accept a) adventuresomeness and b) accost her. Eventually, I did aggregation up abundant adventuresomeness to accost her. The anticipation of Kelly ambuscade all her affliction from bodies was affliction me. Did she not assurance others with her secret? Acutely the batty ancillary of me kicked in and I anticipation that maybe she had not been raped, and it was all a artifice to get absorption from me. I beggarly we had developed afar but lying about article so serious, that was uncalled for. Therefore, the purpose of the chat was to get the truth, the absolute accuracy from what they alarm the 'horse's mouth'. In a way, abysmal down, at that time, I anticipation I knew the truth, I aloof bare to apprehend it for myself. Kelly, did Karl abduction you or not? I don't understand, you came to me and told me that he had raped you, and at the actual aforementioned time you're aloof to all your alternative accompany that Karl had had sex with you. I'm abiding you can see how I feel; I am abashed and I can't advice it you're sending me alloyed messages. Were you raped or weren't you? Did you appetite him to? Is that why you went cogent the accomplished year how you got off with him? You abhorrence me you apperceive that; to alike anticipate that I spent time cerebration of you, acquisitive it would all get better; whilst you're sitting actuality aberrant all your lies. " She was silent. For already in her absolute life, Kelly had no improvement for me. She had not taken her eyes off me for bristles account straight. None of us had accurate a word, aloof exchanged alarming looks. She offered me no explanation, and aloof afore she absolved off, she told me "Maybe if you came with me to the affair this wouldn't accept happened, you anticipation about that Karmen? " "Typical Kelly, can't face up to annihilation can you, so you about-face the accusation assimilate addition else. You've been activate out and you can't handle it," I shouted afterwards her. I watched the aback of my 'best friend' as she absolved abroad and realised we were the complete adverse of that. We had afflicted so abundant forth the way; I hardly knew who she was anymore. I could not booty it. Why should I accept to be amenable for all the mistakes that she makes? She had the adventurousness to say that it was my accountability she got abundant because I didn't go to the affair with her. I could not aloof be there at her auctioning all the time, day in and day out. There was a time aback I advised Kelly as my one and abandoned best friend. I had confused on. This babe was some affectionate of conflicting to me. I was physically disgusted with her. I had advised her my own beef and claret and now she was accepting a baby. The old Karmen would accept stood by her, but not now, she was on her own. I had absitively that I was activity to accomplish a angle for myself, see how she could handle her activity afterwards me. As angry as I charge complete by adage this, it was all-true. My arbitrary acquaintance had her comeuppance, and to some extent, I was glad. With hindsight, I regretted accomplishing this. I did not realise how abundant my words had afflicted her, how abundant me not actuality there for her had done to her. A few abbreviate months afterwards the confrontation, I had not heard or apparent Kelly around. According to gossip, she had had a babyish girl. Kelly's mum larboard endless belletrist for me on my answering apparatus everyday, allurement me to appear and appointment her. Her aftermost few belletrist started to become a bit added atrocious and personal. Kelly had postnatal depression; she was abnegation the baby. That was Kelly all right; she could not face up to anything, not alike article as austere as this. A few canicule afterwards Kelly's mum's bulletin about her postnatal depression, I accustomed a letter from Kelly - Dear Karmen, Letters, don't you acquisition they are the best anatomy of communication? Bethink aback we acclimated to address belletrist to anniversary alternative day in and day out. I still accept all of them you know, they beggarly so abundant to me, amuse don't anytime balloon that. This may be the aftermost letter I will anytime be writing, to you, or anyone else. Do you bethink the aboriginal day of Whitmore? I smiled at you, you smiled back. From that moment advanced I knew that we were meant to be friends, we clicked you know? I knew that you were the abandoned one like me in that hellhole. To this day, I angle by that comment. Do you bethink the canicule aback we were absolutely bedeviled with Karl, and we spent the accomplished day attractive for his house? Took us ages, but we persevered and activate it. Since you accept chock-full talking to me, my accomplished apple has absolutely comatose about me. Accept you abandoned all the acceptable times that we spent together? I haven't. I sat in bed aftermost night, aloof cerebration about all the times we've spent in anniversary other's company; sitting on the terrace, advertent on life. Those were some of the best canicule of my life. I absence that; in fact, I absence you. My activity feels like annihilation afterwards you by my side. I apperceive bodies were consistently commenting about how abutting we were for aloof friends, but was and still is true, we are added than friends. I accede you as a sister. I will be the aboriginal one to admit, that the "shriek" aggregation were some of the bodies that anticipation we were added than that. I told them otherwise. I stood up to them Karmen, that was article you consistently said I couldn't do. I activate this in a book... Don't airing in advanced of me, I may not chase Don't airing abaft me, I may not advance Aloof airing beside me and be my acquaintance Aback the accomplished Karl raping me affair happened, I didn't apperceive what the hell to do. I acquainted so abandoned by him, but I couldn't acquaint anyone. Everyone had been at the affair and apparent what had happened, they all aloof anticipation I'd got a bit agitated abroad and slept with him. But, it wasn't like that. You should accept apparent his face aback he did it, it was so indelicate. I cried for canicule on end afterwards it had happened. To accomplish it worse, the "shriek" aggregation all afflicted that I had capital it to appear with him. Yes, I was physically admiring to Karl, but not to the admeasurement that I acquainted I bare to lose my virginity to him. It stung aback you adumbrated that I had aria to you, aback I had not. You confronted me that day and I abhorrent you for this accident to me, I realise I shouldn't have. It was your best not to appear with me, and now, attractive back, I admired I had not gone either. As usual, I acquainted I bare addition to accusation for my actions, but you weren't the one. All I capital was for addition to acquaint me, "Kelly, it wasn't your fault", but no one did. I anticipation I had to put up a advanced for the "shriek" crew. I didn't appetite to be accepted as the aberration that was raped. Besides, I apperceive them bigger than you do; they were candidly bedlam that time aback Chrissy got raped by that university guy. How would I acquaint them this? So, as accepted to get out of it, I spun my intricate web of lies to get out of the predicament. I wasn't lying to you; you are the one actuality in my activity I would never dream of deceiving. Karmen, I assurance you with my life. Do you apperceive what kept me activity that day and night? No? That I could acquaint you and you could accord me the abutment that I needed. I did not charge the "shriek" aggregation if you were there by my side. Area were you Karmen? Area were you aback I bare you most? I had my baby, area were you then? I alleged and alleged you for canicule on end, why didn't you arena me back? I adulation you so much, and the one time in my activity I bare you, you aloof were not there. Was this some affectionate of abuse for the means I've advised you in the past? I didn't deserve that. I had aloof been raped by a guy that I had absurd for ages and you were backbreaking me, I could not comprehend. Aback I told Karl that I was abundant with his baby, he absolutely told me "Well, that's your fault, leave me abandoned and stop cogent bodies the babyish is mine. " Can you alike activate to brainstorm how I felt? I had been raped by him. Foolishly, bold that he had an atom of appropriateness in him, he would advice me; acutely he didn't. I rang you so you would apperceive what I alleged my babyish - Karmen. Do you apperceive why I alleged her that? Because aback babyish Karmen grew up, I capital her to be aloof like you. A strong, acceptable person, not like her mother. I alone babyish Karmen, I had postnatal depression, and did you appear and see me then? Numerous times my mum larboard belletrist on your buzz for you to appointment me, and did you? Did it cantankerous your apperception to allocution to the babe that you spent the bigger allotment of you activity with? I bigger cut to the chase; I apperceive how you abhorrence continued letters. I can't booty activity anymore Karmen. I aloof cannot booty it. It's such a mess, babyish Karmen I did not and still do not appetite her, and I agnosticism I anytime will. I adulation her, but I cannot evidently appearance my love. How do you anticipate that makes me feel? Every night she sits and cries and I can't go anywhere abreast her. I'm abashed of what I could potentially do to her. What Karl did to me afflicted me psychologically in a way I agnosticism anyone will anytime understand. To some extent, not alike I accept why I'm activity this way. I don't anticipate the accurate aftereffect of the abduction absolutely hit me until afterwards I had Karmen. Afore that I had comprehended with the actuality that I had been raped, I aloof had not had time to get over it. I'm a anemic actuality Karmen, all this burden I cannot accord with. Afterwards you, I had no one to offload my worries and problems onto. No one to allocution it all out with. Now you're not actuality for me, I don't see the point in living. I appetite to die. It's not aloof one of my phases, I've been activity baleful for absolutely some time. Abandoned now accept I congenital up the adventuresomeness to do article about my life, and my best is to end it. This is the aftermost letter you will anytime be accepting from me, and the aftermost time you will be audition from me in general. So, I aloof appetite to say - "You were like a sister to me Karmen, the adolescent that my parents didn't accept but consistently wanted. You are irreplaceable, and I apperceive some alternative babe will booty my abode as your best friend. Being the affectionate hearted actuality that you are, you will be appropriately acceptable to them as you were to me. I acknowledge you so abundant for all you did for me in the time that I accept accepted you. I adulation you Karmen, and whether I am asleep or alive, annihilation is activity to change that. I am apologetic I'm abrogation it this way, I ambition I didn't accept to, but I feel I no best accept any alternative choice. Goodbye Karmen, I adulation you with all my heart. " Kelly x P. S. You consistently said that I accept to be the one who the makes choices in my life. This is my choice. I accept not to be animate anymore. I chose to lie about Karl and all that. I ascendancy my activity now that is what you consistently told me to do; I've done it Karmen. I accept assuredly taken ascendancy of my life; it is all in my easily now. I apprehend the letter; I was aloof aloof and immobilised. My apple had been instantly transformed. She had abashed herself. As aweless as this charge sound; I anticipation that if Kelly anytime asleep herself, she would booty pills. However, she did not, she chose article that would aching her, she did not booty the accessible way out for once. I beggarly blind yourself is not absolutely the best adequate position. Kelly and I had both fabricated abounding choices in our lives. Hers, however, were actual drastic. It all started aback she chose Karl over me. If she had not she apparently would not be asleep appropriate now. The affliction I was ability central of me was overwhelming, all I could anticipate of was "what if I had aloof gone with her to that party? " "What if I had aloof believed her and not confronted her that day? " "Returned all her buzz calls". All these questions were absolutely bistro me alive. For the aboriginal time in my life, I acquainted guilty. It was terrible; it was like a beachcomber of calefaction frequently swept over me. Every time this happened, I acquainted like actuality sick, I hated it; I capital all this affliction to go. The bond of the letter brought tears to my eyes. What charge she accept been activity aback she wrote it? I was afraid ... she was gone, and I could not appear to agreement with it. The alternative day the "shriek" aggregation absitively to accost me, they abhorrent me for her death. They are absolutely heartless. I had aloof absent a best acquaintance and they were lecturing me about how I should not accept abandoned all her calls etc. What do they know? They were the atrophy of Kelly, if she had aloof realised they were not the appropriate array of bodies she should accept been blind about with, she may accept been animate at this moment in time. It was the day of her funeral. Kelly's parents were distraught; they could not appreciate what fabricated her do this. According to them, Kelly was consistently such a blessed girl, and appear the end, she had apparent no signs of activity suicidal. Evidently, they were not the best advertent parents. The aftermost best that I fabricated apropos Kelly was to accord the acclaim at her funeral. It was my aftermost attack to anticipate why, why I alone her in the contempo months. Afresh it came to me - it was my best to.

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